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5 Festive Pairs of Earrings for the Holidays

Aside from fashion rings and necklaces, offer your customers these festive pairs this holiday season.


We have highlighted a few pieces of our wholesale fashion jewelry in these past two weeks, which included rings and necklaces. This week, however, will all be about fashion earrings. Earrings are said to bring more attention to one’s facial features, so it’s best to have the most elegant and chic pair. Christmas and New Year are all about sparkle and glitter, so what better way to entice your customers than offer pieces that exude those festive qualities! And without further ado, here are five pairs of gorgeous earrings that match any striking holiday outfit.

14k Pave CZ Peek-A-Boo Earrings

Ceri Jewelry Wholesale 14k Pave CZ Peek-A-Boo Earrings

The gorgeous 14k Pave CZ Peek-A-Boo Earrings surely will get anyone’s attention! The pair is made of sterling silver and 14k  yellow gold plated to achieve that festive feel. Brilliant clear AAA-grade cubic zirconia crystals that form a flower on each piece adorn the earrings, giving off beautiful sparkles that will remind you of the stars in the sky. This pair is a perfect match for solitaire rings or CZ stone-studded rings.

Round Champagne Swarovski Elements Crystal Drop Earrings

Ceri Jewelry Wholesale Round Dot Champagne Swarovski Elements Crystal Drop Earrings

Drinking champagne marks celebrations and is a long-time tradition. Allow your customers to feel the spirit of the holidays with the Round Champagne Swarovski Elements Crystal Drop Earrings. The pieces are an impressive pair with a sleek and modern design that would look perfect with Christmas sweaters and holiday dresses, from day to night.  The earrings are made from rhodium-plated alloy and boast champagne-colored Swarovski Elements crystals.

Swarovski Elements Crystal Heart Earring with Rhodium Plating

Ceri Jewelry Wholesale Swarovski Elements Crystal Heart Earring with Rhodium Plating

A pair to offer your hopeless romantic customers is the Swarovski Elements Crystal Heart Earring with Rhodium Plating. It features a beautiful arrangement of genuine brilliant clear Swarovski Elements crystals that form a delicate heart design. The drop earrings are made of a high-quality alloy that’s rhodium-plated for a shine that will last for long.

Stainless Steel Amethyst Crystal Earrings

Ceri Jewelry Wholesale Stainless Steel Amethyst Crystal Earrings

Amethysts are said to guard against drunkenness and to instill a sober mind. If your customers are planning to drink all night long on Christmas and New Year’s eves, the Stainless Steel Amethyst Crystal Earrings are a fashionable talisman to offer them! The pair is made of stainless steel with a chic light black plating. The round semi-precious amethysts are held by the uniquely-shaped black stainless steel hoops which are also adorned with clear crystals.

Rhodium Swarovski Elements Beads Earring Crystal and Gold

Ceri Jewelry Wholesale Rhodium Swarovski Elements Beads Earring Crystal and Gold

Lastly, the Rhodium Swarovski Elements Beads Earring Crystal and Gold pair is an excellent addition to your holiday inventory. The pair exudes such festive feel because of its colors and brilliance. Each earring boasts four rhodium plated hoops, two of which are 18k gold plated. The small center hoop is accented with Swarovski Elements pave giving off just the right shine. This pair is ideal for either casual or formal style these holidays.

Want to see more pairs? Feel free to browse the shop for more wholesale fashion earrings and other festive pieces!

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5 Festive Necklaces for Christmas

Here are a few pieces to offer your customers this season.

Getting this stunning necklace will sure you hit the spotlight or special gift to someone.

Last week, we turned the spotlight to our new fashion rings that are perfect to wear this Christmas. This week, we are highlighting necklaces worth including in your inventory. It’s always best to offer wholesale fashion jewelry pieces that will remind you of silvery snow, festive bright lights, and feeling all warm and snuggly. And without further ado, here are the five necklaces from our collection that you might want to add to yours too.

N7155 Rhodium Swarovski Solitaire Crystal Pendant Necklace Crystal

N7155 Rhodium Swarovski Solitaire Crystal Pendant Necklace Crystal is like a glitter on your neck

This Swarovski pendant necklace is a perfect accessory for women who love sparkly jewelry. It boasts a brilliant round center stone and illuminates rainbows when hit with light. The gorgeous stone is prong set and matches solitaire rings with the same setting. This elegant pendant necklace is made of rhodium-plated alloy for a stunning and lasting shine.

CJE4738S Women’s Triple Drop CZ Pendant Necklace 925 Sterling Silver

CJE4738S Womens Triple Drop CZ Pendant Necklace 925 Sterling Silver is like a snow drops to your neck

Another necklace that looks perfect with holiday clothes is this chic sterling silver necklace. It features three large AAA grade cubic zirconia stones, one of which is a beautiful pear cut. The necklace measures 16 inches in length with a two-inch extender, making it perfect for turtlenecks and other solid-colored tops. This piece is a great match to a ring with a pear cut center stone which can also be found in the online store.

CJE1931 Sideways Cross Crystal Stainless Steel Necklace One Size

CJE1931 Sideways Cross Crystal Stainless Steel Necklace One Size is unique orthodox horizontal cross necklace

For your customers in touch with their spiritual side, this stainless steel cross necklace is a beauty you can offer them. It features a sideways cross pendant that is one of the trending designs now. It’s studded with gorgeous top-grade crystals and boasts a high-polished stainless steel necklace.

CJG1279 Wholesale Triple Heart Gold Plated Stainless Steel Necklace

CJG1279 Wholesale Triple Heart Gold Plated Stainless Steel Necklace is still a simple and elegant necklace that you can choose

This heart necklace is an excellent addition to a hopeless romantic’s jewelry collection. It’s made of beautiful gold-plated stainless steel that looks utterly elegant when worn with a little black dress and sexy stilettos. Three hearts adorn this piece, with the middle slightly larger and more prominent.

N7121 18K Gold Swarovski Heart Pendant Necklace Gold

N7121 18K Gold Swarovski Heart Pendant Necklace Gold is still the elegant and class that you looking for

Another necklace that will delight hopeless romantics is this glamorous 18k gold Swarovski necklace. It’a made from alloy and features a sparkling Swarovski Elements crystal-studded heart pendant that sure is going to get a lot of compliments. It’s perfect to wear either with casual or evening clothes and matches with other gold jewelry pieces perfectly.

Want to see more of these necklaces? Feel free to browse the shop!

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4 New Festive Fashion Rings for This Season

Here are some of our new arrivals that are worth adding to your Christmas inventory!

This is the perfect time to buy fashion rings for you and for your love ones.

It’s less than a month before Christmas! If you are last minute shopping for wholesale fashion jewelry to add to your Christmas inventory, then you’re in the right place! We have four new fashion rings perfect for the festive season. And without further ado, here they are!

CJE3526 Wholesale Women’s Stainless Steel AAA Grade CZ Topaz Multicolor Ring Set

This Multicolor Ring Set will suit for this holiday season for its different colors

This ring set is perfect for your female customers who love a dance of colors on their fingers.  The main ring features an oblong-cut AAA Grade Cubic Zirconia crystal in a cool Topaz color. The upper half of band is studded with similarly gorgeous round topaz-colored Cubic Zirconia stones. Two of the rings have a cuff design, and both are adorned with round pink and blue crystals. These rings may be worn all on one finger, but may also be worn separately. All three are made of durable high-polished stainless steel. This ring set is available in sizes 5 to 10.

CJE3522 Wholesale Stainless Steel IP Gold (Ion Plating) Women Synthetic White Ring

The design and look of Wholesale Stainless Steel IP Gold will highlights this holiday season

For the fashionable astrophiles. This gold-plated stainless steel ring will definitely catch their eyes. This stainless steel ring boasts the atomic symbol, which, of course, reminds of the universe and celestial bodies. And for its center stone, it features a lovely synthetic white pearl exuding class and sophistication. The center band is studded with crystal clear stones, adding a bit more glamour to this enchanting fashion ring. This piece is available in sizes 5 to 10.

CJE 3521 Wholesale Stainless Steel IP Gold (Ion Plating) Women Synthetic Light Peach Ring

The elegance and class of this Women Synthetic Light Peach Ring will enlighten the essence of Christmas

This stainless steel ring set includes two IP gold-plated rings each with a unique design. One ring has a wave-like design and studded with clear crystals that give off just the right shimmer. The second ring, on the other hand, boasts three marquise-cut stones in a warm peach color, perfect this fall and winter. Both rings complement each other’s design but may be worn separately. The ring set is available in sizes 5 to 10.

CJE3517 Wholesale Women Stainless Steel IP Rose Gold (Ion Plating) AAA Grade CZ Clear Ring

Rose Gold CZ Clear Ring with square crystal and small stone

Rose gold obsessed ladies will love this new piece. This stainless steel ring features a gorgeous AAA grade clear Cubic Zirconia stone in a beautiful oblong cut. Three brilliant clear stones adorn each side of the band, which makes it such an elegant and sophisticated piece. You can also offer this rose gold ring to your male customers who are looking for an engagement ring. This piece is available in sizes 5 to 10.

Want to see more rings for your inventory? Check out the shop for more festive pieces!

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5 Ways to Effectively Engage with Your Customers

It pays to do a little bit more to engage your customers; make them fall in love with your online jewelry business.

Making connection to your customers to grow your jewelry business

Sometimes, jewelry businesses forget to create a connection with their customers and instead, focus on sales. This is a big no-no, as customers are what make your business. A successful business is one that is able to engage with their customers. And thankfully, we have social media to make it easier for brands.

If you haven’t engaged with your customers, it’s time that you do. Here are five ways to connect your brand with your customers.

Be an inspiration.

Aside from making them happy about offering pieces that tickle their fancy, try your best to inspire them. Share your brand’s goals and vision through short videos. These videos should tug at the heartstrings or make them laugh. You have to be as creative as possible. Avoid selling your products directly as this might turn off your customers rather than entice them.

Be an inspiration to other to make a conversation to your customers

Souce: maxpixel.freegreatpicture.com

Hold regular contests on your social media accounts.

These contests appeal to both your repeat and potential customers. Everybody loves discounts and freebies! With these, not only are you able to engage them, but you also get to increase your exposure online. Always ask contest participants to tag their friends and use a customized hashtag to spread the word faster and reach more people.

Creating contest through social media have a huge impact to your branding and customers

Send exclusive email offers.

Email newsletters are perfect for jewelry businesses because it’s one way to showcase new wholesale fashion jewelry pieces to them, as well as other exclusive content. Make sure that your subject line is interesting enough for your customers to click and read the message. Exclusive content can be about discounts to new products that are only offered to loyal customers, flash sales, and limited edition pieces.

Making exclusive email offers will stay connect to your customers

Source: commons.wikimedia.org

Host an event.

Whether it’s a local meetup or webinar, hosting events like these allow you to create a personal connection with your customers. For example, you can hold a webinar where you discuss the latest trends and what designs they’d like to see in your collection. Doing so will allow you to know what your target market wants, and you can get all types of feedback which you can use to make your business better. Of course, do not forget to promote these events in your social media accounts as well.

Hosting event to your customer will build confidence to your brand and products for your customers

Always answer inquiries.

Do not forget to respond to all direct messages, comments, and reviews. And even if they are negative, respond to them in a nice, calm way and provide a solution. Be friendly, transparent, and helpful. Think of it as chatting with a good friend. Lastly, always thank them for their time.

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How to Drive Thanksgiving Jewelry Sales

Cut through the holiday sale madness with these marketing tips.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday is coming, get ready!

Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday are just around the corner! This is also the time when more people tend to buy jewelry to give as presents to friends and family. That said, jewelry businesses should be able to cope with the rising demand and of course, competition. To stand out from the many jewelry businesses offline and online, here are some marketing tips worth trying.

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Easy and Effective Jewelry Displays

Here are some easy tips on how to attract more customers with your displays.

Simple, organized and clean jewelry shop

One way to increase your store sales is through displays. It is said that these displays are a shop’s silent salesperson; they do the selling and marketing to your customers. This is why a business should invest in a beautiful-looking jewelry shop. We’ve listed down some tried and tested tips to increase sales with your shop displays.
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Black Friday Marketing Strategies For Jewelry Businesses

Cut through the holiday noise with these effective marketing strategies.

Effective Black Friday Marketing Strategies

Time flies so fast; it’s Thanksgiving and Black Friday season again in just a few weeks. As a business, you should already be working on your marketing strategies for the holidays as early as now. And regardless of how big or small your business is, implementing such strategies will help you earn more and possibly sell out all your products this season.

Holiday discounts and seasonal jewelry sets

Effective Black Friday Marketing Strategies

One way of enticing customers’ is through offering wholesale fashion jewelry at a lower cost. Most customers love hoarding discounted products, especially since the gift-giving season is a month away and fashion jewelry pieces make great Christmas presents. Jewelry sets also make great gifts, especially if you bundle pieces of the same design.

Black Friday emails

Black Friday Email Marketing

Pique your customers’ interest by sending them a preview of your Black Friday sale through email. Create one that has a catchy subject line, a straightforward message, and a funny image, GIF or a short video that captures your message. Let them know that the discounts run for a limited time only, using the marketer’s favorite line, “until supplies last.” Don’t forget to add the link to your website, as well as the link to the discounted products.

Social media

Social Media Marketing

Yes, of course! Regularly post about your Black Friday sale in all of your active social media accounts. Always include the hashtag, #BlackFridaySale to make it easier for customers to find you. You can also target fashion-loving millennials and tech-savvy people when it comes to your copy and content. Research has shown that a significant percentage of social media users today belong to the millennial age group. Keep it young and fun!


Ads Marketing for Black Friday

Social media can offer free ads, but if you want to target the right audience, it’s time to purchase them. You can do so via Facebook ads and AdWords. Remember to customize your ads with content that mentions Black Friday and Thanksgiving. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be as effective if you merely say, “fashion jewelry sale.” Be sure to set these ads on the best times when people are shopping; check your site’s analytics to know when these times are.

Employee incentives

Black Friday Marketing Strategies For Jewelry Businesses

If you have a physical store, your staff will need to work more extended hours to accommodate a barrage of shoppers. That said, your employees need to be prepared for the bigger number of customers as well as inquiries online. Encourage them to be the best employee that they can be amidst the shopping madness. Offer incentives which can motivate them to work harder and to keep all your customers satisfied. A good pep talk should help as well.

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5 Spooky Marketing Ideas for Jewelry Businesses

Scare your competition away with these easy marketing tips this Halloween.

5 Spooky Marketing Ideas for Jewelry Businesses

It’s a little over a week before Hallow’s Eve, and the competition’s starting to get stiffer especially when it comes to selling Halloween-inspired pieces. If you think sales are slow, it’s time to think of new tactics to get customers to buy your products. Aside from chilling decors in your shop or a spooky website template, here are five tips to keep your sales moving, and sell out your Halloween-inspired jewelry pieces.

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Black Fashion Rings Perfect for Halloween

Here are six dark-colored rings that are perfect to wear with Halloween costumes.

This coming Halloween, you have to cater to female customers looking for jewelry to accessorize their costumes. With that said, rings plated in dark colors such as black and gray should be made available to them. And if you’re looking for pieces to add to your fall inventory, here are six rings you can add to your collection.

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6 Spooktacular Rings for Men and Women This Halloween

Stock up on these spooktacular wholesale fashion rings for your customers this Halloween!

6 Spooktacular Rings for Men and Women This Halloween

It’s Trick or Treating season in a few weeks, and people are already planning for their costumes. Some may go for the funny and “punny” ones, and some go for geeky video game-inspired costumes. Of course, a whole lot are still going for the traditional scary ones. One way to upgrade these spooky costumes is by wearing equally spooky jewelry. Get on the Halloween bandwagon and stock up on your inventory with these six rings perfect for the season!

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