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Golden jewelry for fall

Golden jewelry for fall

Accessorize with alluring golden pieces this chilly, cozy season. As with chocolate jewelry, the color gold is also perfect for the autumn season. It’s considered as an earthy color and looks great with other warm colors such as orange, red, and brown. This week, we’ll highlight new wholesale fashion jewelry pieces. Most of our new […]

Radiant Jewelry to Wear this Spring

Its spring break and we know what this means: social gatherings, parties and outdoor trips! Is your wardrobe ready for this spring? Well, how about your accessories? Wouldn’t it be better if you have certain pieces that will go nicely with that luscious spring dress you have just bought? Or pair with those gold casual […]

Floral and Spring-Theme Bracelets, Necklace and Earrings

Yay! It’s Spring and I’m sure everyone’s excited to go out of their house and hit the road for your vacation trip. But aside from outdoor trips, Spring is also the time for parties and social gatherings since students are free of school. And parties can only mean you should buy new spring dress and […]

Back To School Jewelry Trends 2014

As summer winds down, the fall fashion trends are already hitting the fashion stores and boutiques everywhere. This is great news, especially for the fashion savvy students who are already wondering about their back-to-school outfit. When shopping for your back to school must haves, such as dresses, jeans, shoes and tops, don’t forget to include […]

3 Essential Tips on Wearing Stacked Rings

Dressing up your fingers can be really exciting. You can have it bold and catchy by wearing bold and chunky cocktail rings or you can keep it stylish with thin rings. But for those who want to take it take it to the next level wearing multiple rings at once is the best way to […]

Transition Your Outfit from Summer to Fall With These Jewelry Wearing Tips

No matter how much you enjoy wearing those colorful and playful summer pieces, you now have to start transitioning your wardrobe into the new season. Although it’s hard to think of fall when you’re still enjoying the beach, it’s extremely essential to start moving your clothes down to your accessories and make it ready for […]

Jewelry Shopping Online vs. In Retail Store

The presence of internet has made everything a lot better in some ways or another. From the way people communicate to the way people do their everyday activity like paying bills or even shopping. However, it’s also true that no matter how sophisticated the internet can become, it will never entirely replace the experience of […]

3 Jewelry Styles You Should Have in Your Jewelry Collection

If you have been in love about wearing jewelry and how it can make your outfit shine without even trying, maybe you’ve also started thinking about having your own jewelry collection. Although it may seem daunting, not to mention expensive, starting up your own jewelry collection can actually be more practical especially if you love […]

How to Spot a High Quality Stainless Steel Ring

How to Spot a High Quality Stainless Steel Ring

A lot of fashion savvy ladies are falling in love with a lot of stylish stainless steel rings available in the market today. This is entirely not surprising given the style, durability of variety of designs of stainless steel rings. But, if you want to jump into this latest trend, there are some things that […]

The Pros and Cons of Stainless Steel Rings

The Pros and Cons of Stainless Steel Rings

When looking for a ring, fashion and practicality should always come together. Especially if you’re earning money the hard way, you must learn how to look like a hundred bucks without burning a hole in your pocket. Having a wide collection of fashion rings lets you come up with different looks to match your everyday […]