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How to Increase Jewelry Sales in Spring

Now that the holiday shopping madness is gone, how can you keep the momentum moving forward?

How to Increase Jewelry Sales in Spring

Spring may be the time of the year when sales slow down. The slow down is most likely the effect of the holiday sales that happened in November and December. So how do you recover from this? Aside from constantly posting on your social media channels for exposure, it’s also best to come up with marketing strategies to pique people’s interest. With that said, here are five ways to counteract slow sales this season.


Who doesn’t love freebies? Giving out free stuff makes your customers feel valued and important, and it shows that you appreciateĀ them no matter how small their purchase may be. This strategy also allows the customers to remember your product and your brand. A Buy OneĀ Get One deal, free shipping, or gift cards go a long way.

Rewards system

Show customers that you value them by offering a loyalty rewards system. This increases the interest of your past customers enough to make another purchase. Make sure the rewards are something your customers would love to receive. It could be a limited edition wholesale fashion jewelry piece or a huge discount on their next purchase.

Flash sales

Surprise your customers with flash sales that will run for just a short period of time. Doing so increases the urgency to buy, therefore raising the chances for more purchases. You can announce these flash sales on your website as a banner, and you can post it on all your social media accounts for maximum exposure.

Excite customers with holiday discounts

Now is the time to market your products for the spring holidays. They may not be as big as Black Friday, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, but sales tend to increase during these times too. We have Easter, Mother’s Day, and Father’s Day.

Sponsor an event

For jewelry businesses, sponsoring a Mother’s Day event is a great strategy. Jewelry is the perfect present for moms that’s why sponsoring events on this holiday is aptly fitting. You can contact your local malls or partner with another brand that is not a direct competitor. Not only will this help increase your sales, but you will also maximize your exposure.

Do you have any tips for recovering from slow jewelry sales? Feel free to share in the comments below!

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