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Know Your Jewelry Style

Find out if you are a classic, a girly, or a minimalist.

Know Your Jewelry Style

Are you planning to change the way you accessorize this 2019? Most ladies have a signature style when it comes to buying and wearing jewelry. It’s something very personal and plays a big part in one’s individuality. Although each person has their own personal style, there are some general types. Curious as to what’s yours? Here are the different jewelry styles we keep seeing on Instagram and other social media platforms lately.


Know Your Jewelry Style

Source: Instagram.com @weworewhat

These ladies love wearing pieces that have just been released. They watch out for every jewelry shop’s new arrivals and keep themselves updated with their favorite fashion influencer’s looks. Whether the pieces are bold or minimalist, as long as they are Instagram-worthy, they will go for it.


Know Your Jewelry Style

Source: Instagram.com @thewestcoastvegan_

A minimalist fashionista loves low-key jewelry with simple designs. This may include stud earrings, thin chain necklaces with tiny pendants, fashion rings that have thin bands, and delicate bangles. However, they rarely wear all these accessories all at once. Sometimes, wearing a minimalist necklace is enough for their current look.


Know Your Jewelry Style

Source: Instagram.com @erikas_kloset

These are ladies who love wearing pieces that usually are not worn together. They are highly-experimental, and they are not afraid of wearing too much of something. They go for brightly-colored tassel earrings and statement rings that have large center stones. They love colorful show-stopping pieces, and they match them with their equally eccentric clothes.


Know Your Jewelry Style

Source: Instagram.com @shelberdoodles97

A girly fashionista is one that loves anything rose gold. She easily falls in love with charm bracelets, pretty drop earrings, solitaire rings, and any piece with heart designs in them. They also usually have a knack for pieces that are studded with lovely stones and other pieces that highly exude feminine vibes.


Know Your Jewelry Style

Source: Instagram.com @darwinimages

These are those fashionistas who love wearing pearl jewelry with every outfit in their wardrobe. They love the classic plain gold and silver jewelry adorned with a few stones. These ladies also go for the 50s jewelry styles — think matching brooches, earrings, necklaces, and rings. Their fashion icons include Bette Davis, Greta Garbo, Audrey Hepburn, Judy Garland, and Marilyn Monroe.

Which type are you? Let us know in the comments below! For more style tips, follow this blog, and if you’re looking to re-stock your inventory with wholesale fashion jewelry pieces, head on to CeriJewelry.com!

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