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Ways to Accessorize Sweaters this Fall 2018

Keep stylish this sweater season with the right accessories and wardrobe pieces.

Ways to Accessorize Sweaters this Fall 2018

Along with pumpkin spice, sweaters are making a comeback this season. Some may think that they are too chunky, too bland, and too boring to wear. However, there are many chic ways to style your Fall sweaters. This week, we are giving you a few style tips on how to make your sweaters look more fashionable.

Wear a belt.

Ways to Accessorize Sweaters this Fall 2018

Source: Closetfullofclothes.com

Wearing a belt over your oversized or slim-fit sweater will add some shape to it. Thin leather belts are generally the best ones to wear, but you can opt to go with the wide ones depending on the style you are going for. Wider belts are also ideal for oversized sweaters with thinner fabrics and matched with knee-high boots of the same color.

Wear a bottom with a contrasting color. 

Ways to Accessorize Sweaters this Fall 2018

Source: Glamradar.com

Create a statement by wearing pants or a skirt of a contrasting color. As with the photo above, the pumpkin orange sweater complements the royal blue skirt. Even without the royal blue designs of the top, orange still looks perfect with this dark blue hue. Other contrasting colors that look perfect together are blue and yellow, green and purple, blue and red, and of course, black and white.

Wear a statement necklace and other matching accessories.

Ways to Accessorize Sweaters this Fall 2018

Source: Glamradar.com

What better way to style a top than wear some fashion jewelry! For solid-colored sweaters, statement necklaces are the way to go. You can also wear a pair of drop earrings with gems of the same color as your top. Finish the look off with some rings and bracelets. However, always follow this rule: go with only one statement piece and keep the others minimal in design.

Add femininity to a boyish look with a sexy pair of shoes.

Ways to Accessorize Sweaters this Fall 2018

Source: Hauteandheart.com

Boxy sweaters, as well as the oversized ones somehow exude boyishness. And the best way to soften that is by wearing shoes that scream femininity and pizzaz! You can go all out with sexy stilettos or toned down with pretty kitten heels. You can also go with Doc Martens boots if you wish, but pick the pair with floral designs.

Wear over a dress or a mini skirt for a dressy style.

Ways to Accessorize Sweaters this Fall 2018

Source: Stylecaster.com

If you are going to attend a dressy event and want to look stylish without getting cold, wear your sweater over a dress or a short skirt. If the sweater is oversized, it’s best to roll up the sleeves and adorn your wrists with either minimalist layered bracelets or one statement bangle. If it’s slim or regular fit, keeping the sleeves down will do.

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