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10 Best Ways to Deal With Excess Jewelry Inventory

Learn tips on managing excess inventory and boosting sales in the process.

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Jewelry business owners understand the importance of keeping up with the latest fashion trends and offering customers a wide variety of jewelry options. However, sometimes they may find themselves with excess inventory, as, let’s face it, shopping for trendy wholesale fashion rings and other pieces can be pretty addictive! And when it’s too late, they are left with having excess jewelry inventory that can tie up capital, take up valuable space, and potentially lead to losses.

Today’s article will explore the best ways to deal with this jewelry business problem. From effective inventory management strategies to creative marketing ideas, we will provide practical tips and insights to help you optimize your inventory and boost your jewelry business's success.

#1 Assess Your Inventory Situation

The first step in dealing with excess products is to assess your current situation. Examine your inventory and determine which items are not selling as well as you had anticipated. Consider factors such as seasonality, changing fashion trends, and customer preferences. Use data from your sales reports, inventory management software, and customer feedback to identify which items are sitting idle on your shelves. Once you clearly understand your excess inventory, you can take appropriate actions to address the issue.

#2 Review Your Ordering and Reordering Strategies

One of the primary reasons for excess jewelry inventory is inaccurate ordering and reordering strategies. Reviewing your ordering process and ensuring you purchase the right quantities of jewelry items based on demand and sales forecasts is essential. Avoid overordering based on assumptions, guesswork, or simply out of fun, as it can lead to unnecessary inventory buildup. Use inventory management tools or software that can help you analyze historical data, customer demand patterns, and market trends to make informed ordering decisions. Review and adjust your strategies based on your inventory assessment to avoid future inventory imbalances.

#3 Offer Discounts and Promotions

Discounts and promotions are effective ways to clear out excess inventory. Consider offering limited-time discounts, buy-one-get-one-free promotions, or exclusive jewelry bundle deals to entice customers to purchase the excess inventory. You can also create special events or flash sales to create a sense of urgency and excitement among your customers. Use attractive website banners, store signage, social media posts, and email marketing campaigns to promote your discounts and promotions. Highlight your jewelry's unique features and benefits to encourage customers to take advantage of the special offers.

#4 Enhance Your Online Presence

A good online presence is crucial for any business, including the jewelry industry. Use your website, e-commerce platform, and social media channels to showcase your excess inventory pieces, mainly your jewelry promotions, and create engaging content that can attract potential customers. Create informative blog posts, videos, and product descriptions that showcase the unique features and benefits of the items. Consider using visual content, like high-quality images and videos, to showcase your excess inventory pieces and make them more appealing to potential customers.

#5 Partner with Other Businesses

Another effective way to deal with excess jewelry inventory is to partner with other businesses. Look for complementary small local businesses, such as fashion retail stores, bridal shops, or gift stores, that can benefit from your jewelry. Collaborate with them to create cross-promotional opportunities, such as joint events, bundle deals, or co-branded marketing campaigns. This partnership is an excellent way to help you reach new customers, increase sales, and clear out excess inventory while creating mutually beneficial partnerships.

#6 Explore Alternative Sales Channels

Consider exploring alternative sales channels to sell your excess jewelry inventory. For example, you can set up pop-up shops at local events, fairs, or markets to attract customers who may not typically visit your store or website. You can also consider selling through online marketplaces such as Amazon, Etsy, or eBay to reach a broader customer base. Collaborate with influencers or bloggers in the jewelry or fashion industry to promote your pieces through sponsored posts or collaborations.

#7 Create Customized Offers

Another way to deal with excess jewelry inventory is to create customized offers for your customers. Offer personalized deals or discounts to loyal customers or those who have previously shown interest in your jewelry. For instance, you can send exclusive offers via email to customers who have previously ordered similar jewelry items or have shown an interest in the products on your website. You can also create loyalty, referrals, or VIP membership programs to incentivize repeat purchases and customer loyalty.

#8 Repurpose or Upcycle Jewelry

If you have excess jewelry inventory that cannot be sold due to outdated styles or damaged pieces, consider repurposing or upcycling them. Get creative and develop innovative ideas to transform outdated or damaged jewelry into new and unique pieces. You can use the beads or crystal accents from fashion rings to create new designs, like bracelets, earrings, or even home décor items. You can also collaborate with local artisans or jewelry designers to repurpose or upcycle your excess inventory and create limited-edition collections or one-of-a-kind pieces. Repurposing or upcycling jewelry helps you clear out excess inventory, adds value to your products, and provides unique offerings to your customers.

#9 Manage Returns and Refunds Efficiently

Returns and refunds are inevitable in any retail business, including the jewelry industry. Efficiently managing returns and refunds can help you avoid excess inventory buildup. Have a clear and transparent return and refund policy, and let your customers know through your website, social media, or in-store signage. Make the process as hassle-free as and consider offering store credit instead of cash refunds. Properly inspect returned jewelry items to determine if they can be resold, discarded, or repurposed. 

#10 Keep Track of Inventory Metrics

Regularly monitoring and analyzing inventory metrics is crucial for effective inventory management. Keep track of key inventory metrics, such as inventory turnover rate, sell-through rate, and days' sales of inventory (DSI), to gain insights into your inventory performance. Use inventory management software or tools to generate reports and analyze data to help you identify slow-moving, fast-selling, and excess inventory. Adjust your inventory strategies, ordering quantities, and pricing based on these metrics to optimize your inventory levels and reduce excess inventory. Stay updated with market trends, customer preferences, and industry changes to make informed decisions about your inventory management strategies.

The Takeaway

Dealing with excess jewelry inventory is challenging, especially for small jewelry businesses. But with effective inventory management strategies and creative marketing ideas, you can turn this challenge into an opportunity. 

As a jewelry business owner, it's important to proactively address excess inventory to prevent potential loss of revenue and inventory obsolescence. Assess your inventory situation, review your ordering and reordering strategies, implement promotional campaigns, explore alternative sales channels, create customized offers, repurpose or upcycle jewelry, and efficiently manage returns and refunds. Additionally, keep track of inventory metrics and stay updated with market trends to make informed decisions about your inventory management strategies.

Implement the best ways to deal with excess jewelry inventory so can optimize your inventory levels, increase sales, and maintain a profitable and successful jewelry business.

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