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3 Jewelry Styles You Should Have in Your Jewelry Collection

If you have been in love about wearing jewelry and how it can make your outfit shine without even trying, maybe you’ve also started thinking about having your own jewelry collection.
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Although it may seem daunting, not to mention expensive, starting up your own jewelry collection can actually be more practical especially if you love wearing jewelry with your office outfit or when going on a weekend date. Having a jewelry collection is more than keeping different wholesale jewelry pieces and putting them in a fancy jewelry box.
More than anything else, your collection should be something that speaks about your personality, helps amplify your everyday outfit and lets you try different looks for different occasion.
In this blog, we’re going to give you five jewelry styles that you should consider including in your collection and how you can wear it every day. Read on.

A classic jewelry piece

Timeless jewelry such as cold chain necklace or silver solitaire ring is definitely one of the must haves in your collection. This is the kind of jewelry you would want to wear without thinking about whether or not it would fit with your clothes. Sterling silver rings and earrings can work perfectly well with your everyday office attire and can make you look all made up almost effortlessly. And because you’re most likely to wear this piece, make sure to buy high quality ones and invest in a precious metal that won’t easily fade or won’t irritate your skin with frequent wear.

Cocktail rings

Sometimes, your best accessory can be just perfectly polished nails and a gorgeous cocktail ring. Although not everyone love this style, those large, attention grabbing fashion wholesale rings can definitely work for you once you found out which style flatters your fingers the most. Cocktail rings brings a new look to your mini black dress or even the simplest casual look so make sure to get a floral or geometric ring and other styles to complete your collection.

Vintage rings and necklaces

You wouldn’t know when you’re going to get an invitation to a wedding or to a corporate event that may ask you wear your best dress. Don’t be caught unprepared by keeping a vintage necklace or rings in your jewelry box. Vintage jewelry adds finesse and elegance to your outfit. Plus, it gives a good impression about your taste in wholesale jewelry. Invest in few stunning pieces and work it around your formal outfit for that sophisticated look.
In our next entry, we’re going to give you tips on how to build your jewelry collection from scratch and some more useful tips on how you can have a complete collection without breaking your budget.