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3 Most Popular Engagement Rings of 2014

Getting married this year can be really exciting for various reasons. The trendy gowns and fashionable bridal shoes are just hard to resist. Plus there are also a lot of new hairstyle that looks to pretty to ignore.
But aside from that, what makes getting engage this season even more interesting is the wide selection of gorgeous rings available in the market today. Imagine saying “yes” to the man you love and to the stunning ring he is giving you on-bended knees.
To give you a peek on what’s there to expect on today’s trendiest engagement rings, we have rounded up the 5 most popular e-rings to watch out for this 2014.

Cushion Cut Engagement Rings


This unique shape is gaining more popularity this year. Also known as “pillow-cut” diamonds, this engagement ring has rounded corners and larger facets for greater brilliance. Cushion cut rings have the certain charm that fits the modern bride but still ooze the elegance that fits a royalty. If you’re aiming for more practical wholesale jewelry, you can find a lot of rings with cubic zirconia rings to fit your style and budget.

Solitaire Rings


Definitely a timeless piece, solitaire rings is something that can stand the test of time. Its simplicity and elegance are just two reasons why a lot 2013 bride-to-be’s are rooting for this lovely ring. And because this type of ring only features a petite diamond alongside some pretty accents, solitaire ring is also considerably cheaper compare to other types or e-rings. But as long as you know how to get high quality rings for your special day, you can still be proud to be wearing this one of a kind ring.

Yellow Gold


After some time of falling out of the wedding scene, yellow gold engagement ring is back to please the ladies. This gold variant is also making an impression even in fashion jewelry so you can easily find a necklace or bracelet to match your wedding wholesale jewelry. Yellow gold jewelry may not be for everyone, but it will surely be ideal for those who are looking for classic jewelry piece that they can wear year after year.
How about you? What is your favorite among the 2014 most popular engagement ring? Can you see yourself saying I do anytime soon? Say your stories with us!