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4 Things that Motivate People to Buy Jewelry

You may have seen a lot of women stopping by your store to look at your necklace display or to examine a piece of beautiful bracelet on your display rack. You may have made the extra effort to hand pick a collection that would most likely appeal to your customers. But have you really stopped and think for a while what makes these people spend hundreds or even thousands of their hard earned money for a piece of jewelry?
things that motivated people to buy jewelry
Some sellers think that the physical look of wholesale jewelry often triggers a person’s desire to purchase a ring or a necklace. However, although a lot of people go after what’s trendy or what style are popular among celebrities, a large portion of jewelry enthusiasts go for far more than the face value and save their money for something that will be more significant to their everyday life.
Here are some of the things that often motivate people to purchase jewelry.
A symbol of uniqueness and personality
What we wear is a part of who we are and sometimes, how we wear our accessories can greatly reveal about our personality and lifestyle. This is why a lot of people desire to have something that is uniquely theirs or highly customized to fit their distinct qualities as a person. Ladies look for fashion jewelry that can make them say “this is it!” or “this is so me!” before actually deciding to purchase a particular item.
Pride of possession
Owning a piece of jewelry from famous jewelry collections or designers give some people a sense of pride that makes them feel empowered and dignified. This sense of pride is even passed down to generations in a form of heirlooms. In some cases, people even buy pieces that are previously owned by a famous personality or at least replicas of a popular ring just to have a piece of luxury that will make them feel proud about their collection.
To belong to a niche or group
College rings, friendship rings, unity rings and other similar items are designed to make people feel belong to a group. Jewelry helps you feel connected to a certain group of people who are into the same style or trend. With the way people wear their jewelry, they can express their connection to their roots or even religious affiliation.
Desire to gain something new
Fashion quickly passes and no matter how good looking a certain piece is, it can look outdated after few seasons. Because of this, a lot of jewelry loving ladies want to purchase new wholesale jewelry just to keep their collection fresh and updated. Keep your customers interested by putting together new jewelry designs and styles that will surely win the heart of jewelry loving ladies.
How about you? What do you think is the most common reasons why your customers purchase jewelry from your store?
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