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4 Way to Stand Out From the Competition this Holiday Season

With the start of holiday season right before us, a lot of businesses all over the country are already decking the halls for one of the busiest time of the year. If you’re a jewelry store owner, you are probably thinking about new ways to improve your products and increase your sales this season. But as other businesses gear up for the shopping holidays, the competition to get the biggest market share must be a tough one especially in the coming weeks.
Standout From The Competition This Holiday
Having fruitful and profitable sales during holidays doesn’t happen with just a snap of a finger. For most businesses, it takes careful planning and even months of preparation just to make sure that their brand will rise above the rest. Despite having a lot of competitors in your area, you can still enjoy the preference of many of your customers with some tried and tested tricks.
Here are some ways to help you ace the competition this holiday season.

Freebies, Discounts and Promos!

A lot of shoppers are looking for ways to save more money this holiday season. More money to save means more items to buy. So if you want more people to visit your store, start running a promo or giving away discounts early this season. You can even give freebies to your loyal customers.

Personalize your selection

Personalized jewelry is a sure hit during holidays. But to make things more unique, you can start creating or putting together selection that are more targeted to specific persons like gifts ideas for mothers, wives, daughters or husbands. This way, your customers will have a better idea what to give to their loved ones. Add a personal thank you card to give your customers the chance to make their gift more memorable.

Send out holiday cheers

One way to appeal to your customers this special time of the year is to send out holiday cheers through your jewelry store. Customize your packaging, your jewelry display and even your store decorations to fit the yuletide season. You can even start playing Christmas songs or let one of your staff dress up as Santa to greet your customers.

Beef up your online presence

Nowadays, the competition is not only confined with the physical retail stores. Most probably, your competitors have spent great chunk of their holiday marketing on their online presence. To stand out this holidays, make sure to update your website, if you have any. Your social media accounts should all be well suited for the peak season so go ahead and schedule your contents to encourage your followers to check out your holiday collections.