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4 Ways to Teach Your Customers How to Care for Their Jewelry

As wholesale jewelry seller or retailer, you may always want to give the best for your customers. From the quality of materials, to the variety of choices, to the creativity of each design, it’s a seller’s job to ensure that every shopper only gets the best jewelry she deserves.

But what happens after the purchase is made is entirely up to your buyer. The way they handle their jewelry can definitely affect the quality of each piece of necklace or ring they have purchase from your store. Worst, some may even come back to you and complain about some damages that may have resulted from sheer neglect or accident.
This is why educating your customers about proper ways to care for jewelry is highly important. Keeping them informed about the basic dos and don’ts can definitely help them enjoy their piece of luxury for a longer period of time.

Here are some ways to inform your customers about jewelry care.

1.    Hang informative posters around your store

Creating cute and informative posters about basic jewelry care is a great start for any jewelry store owners. Hang posters on your walls or put small reminders on top of your display tables or shelves to make it more visible to your customers. When done creatively, it can even be a great way to spice up your store and make it more appealing to store visitors.

2.    Put caring instructions on hang tags

When putting caring instruction on jewelry hang tags and labels, don’t forget to keep short and simple. Your goal is to get your message to your readers so remember to keep your instructions readable and easy to remember.

3.    Use your social media pages

Update your followers with caring tips at least few times a week. This is a great way to reach wider audience and to reach those who might be interested to try your products. Keep your contents engaging and shareable so you it can be viewed and shared by a lot of users in your network.

4.    Write blogs

If you own a blog for your jewelry collection, writing a blog about jewelry dos and don’ts is a great option to go with. Blogs let you write specific instruction and allows you to be as visual as possible. Take a photo of your step by step instructions and post it on your blog. Don’t forget to share it on your social media accounts to make it more visible to searches.
Going extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction is a great way to gain customer’s trust and confidence. Be always ready to accommodate inquiries about returns and repairs and show your customers how you always want to give them a quality service like no other. Sooner or later, all your hard work will pay off and your customers will surely appreciate all your tips and tricks.