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5 Best Champagne Fashion Rings To Sell in Fall

  • by admin
  • 4 min read

Looking for the best pieces to sell this sweater season? Here's a list of champagne fashion rings to consider.

woman in red with red nails holding up an autumn leaf up her face
Champagne-colored crystals are perfect for matching fall colors such as brown, orange, and red.

What colors do you have in mind when it comes to fall? Most would say brown, red, purple, and orange, as these are the colors of the autumn leaves. So when it comes to fall fashion, wardrobe pieces in these hues are the best ones to wear.

As for accessories, we believe the best pieces to wear this sweater season are those that feature stones with warm colors. One of which is fashion rings featuring the elegant champagne cubic zirconia crystals.

What is the champagne color?

The color champagne is the term given for very pale tints of yellowish-orange, which comes close to beige. Quite obviously, the hue’s name is derived from the usual color of the sparkling wine, champagne. 

According to color psychology, champagne is a color that brings feelings of happiness as it is closely associated with happy events like weddings. It’s a luxurious, delicate hue perfect for any occasion. Champagne tends to look great on any fabric, too and looks incredibly gorgeous with browns, pinks, oranges, and reds.

Are champagne cubic zirconia crystals fake?

Cubic zirconia crystals are REAL cubic zirconia gems. Cubic zirconia can be found in nature in such small amounts, so most of the CZ used in jewelry pieces are made in laboratories. Although they are made in labs, they have the same composition as the naturally grown ones. Cubic zirconia is a stone in its own right.

CZ crystals are lab-made crystals that have the same carbon structure as diamonds. Yes, they are fake or simulated diamonds, but these stones are real, valuable cubic zirconia crystals. These stones are made in many different colors that resemble other precious gems, including the lovely champagne.

What are the best designs of champagne CZ fashion rings?

You can find many stunning champagne CZ rings in the market today, but here are the five best picks from our wholesale fashion rings collection that are perfect for your fall inventory:

#1 CJE2249 Wholesale Champagne CZ Ring in Stainless Steel

Champagne CZ Ring in Stainless Steel from CeriJewelry

This truly exquisite champagne-colored CZ ring is made from durable stainless steel. The unique band is shaped like a fabric, seemingly tied up in the center by the faceted champagne CZ stone in a prong setting. Clear CZ stones line up both sides of the band, outlining the small champagne ones, giving the piece a bit more oomph and style.

This statement ring is ideal for both daytime and nighttime wear and can match any fall outfit. 

#2 CJ099 Wholesale Women's 925 Sterling Silver Rhodium AAA Grade CZ Champagne Ring

Sterling Silver Rhodium AAA Grade CZ Champagne Ring from CeriJewelry

This next piece is ideal for selling as an engagement ring or a fashion ring. It features a prong-set champagne CZ center stone in a square cut and tiny clear CZ crystals adorning the top of the ring, adding more sparkles to this beauty.

Simpler in style than the first ring, this sterling silver piece can match any fall wardrobe piece on any occasion.

#3 IP Rose Gold Stainless Steel Champagne CZ Cocktail Ring

Rose Gold Stainless Steel Champagne CZ Cocktail Ring from CeriJewelry

For customers who love statement pieces, this cocktail ring is perfect for offering them. It features a band that gives the illusion of three thin minimalist rings stacked on one another and a square cut champagne CZ crystal keeping them together. The rose gold finish of this piece adds to its romantic, old-world vibe.

This ring is ideal for dressy and formal occasions as it can give immediately level up a look without going overboard,

#4 CJ7770OS Wholesale Stainless Steel Champagne Topaz CZ Band

Stainless Steel Champagne Topaz CZ Band from CeriJewelry

Next up is a fashion ring exuding glamorous vintage vibes. It boasts an intricately designed band reminiscent of beautiful vintage European wallpapers. The centerpiece, of course, is a lovely oblong champagne CZ cabochon.

Perfect for wearing during evening events, this ring will perfectly match dresses or gowns in orange, bronze, yellow, or gold.

#5 CJE2173 Wholesale Yellow CZ Gold Plated Ring

Yellow Gold Plated Champagne CZ Ring from CeriJewelry

Last but not least is this classic yellow gold-plated stainless steel beauty. It features a cushion-cut champagne CZ crystal center stone, boasting brilliant faceting and a comfortable thin band. It is surrounded by clear CZ crystals, which give off rainbow flashes when hit with light.

Also ideal as an engagement ring, this piece can perfectly match fall clothing in yellow, brown, and orange.

Are champagne CZ rings expensive?

Champagne CZ rings are very affordable and definitely cost lower than diamond rings and other precious stone pieces. In fact, you can get a piece for as low as $5.35. They are priced even lower when bought in bulk as well.

But do not be disheartened by their low prices and think that these rings look cheap. The quality of these fashion pieces, especially if purchased from trusted wholesale fashion jewelry suppliers are high, and will definitely make your fashionable customers happy. 

Is it worth selling champagne CZ rings?

Because of their timeless elegance, champagne CZ rings are pieces that are least likely to be slow-moving items. Anyone of any age can wear one, and most of these rings are perfect for wearing on any occasion. Some designs are also ideal for selling as promise or engagement rings or bundling up with other champagne CZ jewelry pieces.

Champagne CZ rings are also perfect for customers who love to add a bit more femininity to their entire look, as these pieces exude a romantic charm because of the CZ’s elegant hue. You can get statement pieces or minimalist ones, so you can cater to a wide range of customers.