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5 Reasons to Get a Website for Your Small Jewelry Business

If your brick-and-mortar jewelry business does not have a website yet, you are missing out on a lot of opportunities.

person browsing a website on laptop

Some mom-and-pop stores believe that having a presence online is just optional. However, online presence is crucial to all types of businesses in this digital age. And having social media accounts may not be enough.

Small retail jewelry businesses with physical stores would benefit largely from having a business website. It’s an excellent investment, and here are the five reasons why:

  1. The potential to reach a new set of customers
  2. Builds credibility and establishes customer trust
  3. Helps increase the visibility of jewelry promotions
  4. Provides a virtual showroom for your jewelry products
  5. Improves customer support 

#1 The potential to reach a new set of customers

Currently, your brick-and-mortar jewelry store only reaches people within your location. If you have a business website, you have the potential to reach customers from nearby towns and cities, around the state, or even around the world. It’s a whole new set of customers you otherwise would not reach. You will be able to encourage more jewelry-loving people to plan a trip to your jewelry store.

With that said, make sure to include all the necessary information on the website, like your exact business name, address, business hours, and other contact information.

#2 Builds credibility and establishes customer trust

A business website provides people with the information they are looking for, allowing you to build your reputation as an authority in the jewelry industry and strengthen your brand. A business blog page does just that. Potential customers searching on Google may search for topics about jewelry and fashion and will be more likely to find you through your blog.

Furthermore, 84 percent of online buyers were influenced to buy products based on something they read in a blog. And even if your articles don’t turn readers into customers right away, the blog has made it possible to spread information about your jewelry businesses – for free.

#3 Helps increase the visibility of jewelry promotions

Even if your promotions are in-store, you can announce them on your website, too, increasing their exposure and spreading the word further. You also have the option to grow an email list by making your audience sign up for a newsletter or to be updated about future in-store promotions.

On the same note, you can inform a wider audience about your jewelry business’ capabilities or the secondary services you may offer, like jewelry cleaning and such. This is especially the case if your current promotion has something to do with free jewelry cleaning services.

#4 Provides a virtual showroom for your jewelry products

A business website doubles as a virtual showroom for your jewelry products. This is especially useful for new arrivals, best-selling pieces, or discounted jewelry you want to sell off quickly. You can also provide as much information as you want, like what material the jewelry is made of, the type of crystals it comes with, and the available sizes. You can also include styling tips, cleaning and maintenance, and the best jewelry pieces that complement them.

Furthermore, people can access your virtual showroom 24/7, which is such a significant advantage for the maximum exposure of your jewelry business.

#5 Improves customer support 

Finally, you can forge better customer relations through improved customer support. This value-added service can encourage shoppers to check out more of your products and encourage them to drop by your store. Helpful and valuable information also improves customer experience and service.

Of course, when you receive messages from customers, immediately reply to them and tend to their queries. You should also respond to negative feedback and provide a solution.

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