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5 Reasons to Sell Cubic Zirconia Rings

Learn why selling fashion rings with cubic zirconia crystals are worth your capital investment.

Woman's hands wearing CeriJewelry's  Stainless Steel IP Rose Gold Clear AAA Grade CZ Ring
How lovely are cubic zirconia crystals on a fashion ring?

Cubic zirconia is a lab-made mineral composed of zirconium dioxide. CZ crystals are usually colorless but can be created in many different colors. 

This crystal is also considered a cheaper alternative to diamonds and other natural gemstones. CZ crystals are also commonly used in fashion jewelry, specifically in retail and wholesale fashion rings, and are perfect for either formal and casual wear.

But are these rings worth the investment for your jewelry business? We believe the answer is yes.

Here are five reasons why it’s worth adding cubic zirconia rings to your inventory of retail or wholesale fashion rings:

  1. CZ Fashion rings are more affordable.
  2. Cubic zirconia fashion rings do not look cheap.
  3. Fashion rings with CZ stones are available in a variety of colors.
  4. CZ fashion rings come in many trendy designs.
  5. Cubic zirconia stones are more durable than diamonds.

#1 CZ fashion rings are very affordable.

Compared to diamond rings, cubic zirconia fashion rings are much more affordable, especially when purchased wholesale. With that said, you can offer more choices, and you can offer them at relatively lower prices, allowing your customers to complete a jewelry set without breaking the bank.

The affordable prices of CZ rings can be an excellent selling point, which can increase customer loyalty to your brand and also attract new ones.

#2 Cubic zirconia fashion rings do not look cheap.

Because of their low prices, some people may think that CZ rings look cheap. We beg to differ. Cubic zirconia rings are high-quality, beautiful pieces of jewelry. CZ crystals have high clarity and brilliance and even surpass the luster of diamonds.

In fact, they make great diamond alternatives and look incredibly gorgeous when made into an engagement ring or wedding ring.

#3 Fashion rings with CZ stones are available in a variety of colors.

Unlike diamonds, cubic zirconia stones do not come in limited colors. In fact, CZ crystals come in the colors of the rainbow, even in various shades of a certain color. 

This feature of CZ crystals makes them perfect for fashion jewelry. Designers can create a design and make them available in various colors. Customers will be encouraged to buy multiple rings of the same design in different colors. Plus, you can offer these rings in a special jewelry bundle. 

#4 CZ fashion rings come in many trendy designs.

Aside from being available in many different hues, CZ rings are also available in trendy designs. Jewelry designers easily come up with the latest styles, and as mentioned above, they are available at very affordable prices.

Offering various CZ ring designs will encourage customers to hoard these pieces without burning a hole in their pockets.

#5 Cubic zirconia stones are more durable than diamonds.

Last but not least, these lab-made gems are less breakable than diamonds and do not crack that easily. Despite their low prices, cubic zirconia crystals are very durable. The brilliance and luster of CZ stones do not fade over time and last a lifetime.

So in the case when your customers doubt the quality of CZ fashion rings, let them know of how durable these gems are, as well as the lifetime luster and brilliance they exude.

The takeaway

Including cubic zirconia fashion rings in your inventory is a great business move. You will not run out of customers who are willing and able to purchase these pieces, especially if you offer the latest ring styles.

Aside from their affordable wholesale prices, CZ fashion rings can also be dropshipped by your go-to wholesale fashion jewelry supplier. Dropshipping means that you do not have to buy in bulk, and instead, the wholesaler will be in charge of the packaging and shipping of orders. Once you receive an order, you will forward the information to the supplier, which in turn will ship the jewelry items directly to your customer.

Selling CZ fashion rings is not just a good investment, but it also allows you to retain customers by offering the best fashion ring designs at affordable prices.