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Adding a Hint of Summer to Your Jewelry Packaging

Summer is just around the corner! Is your jewelry store ready for this exciting season?
If you’re going to check out different wholesale jewelry stores online, you will see a lot stylish and trendy pieces that will look great on every summer outfit. But aside from preparing an impressive jewelry collection for summer, you should also be able to touch up your offering to make it more appealing to your customers.

Image credit: mrsbeadley.blogspot.com

Win the hearts of this season’s shoppers by creating an impressive product packaging. Here are some of our valuable tips.
Use fun and exciting colors
Selling your summer collection can definitely be more fun with a bit of color and textures. Instead of using the usual jewelry box, pack your summer collection in a more exciting way by using colorful ribbons, boxes or pouches for your jewelry packaging. Look for inspirations or DIY instructions on Pinterest and other handcraft websites to come up with an interesting design for the summer season.
Create a beach inspired packaging
This summer, people are all dreaming about a great time at the beach where they can enjoy the sun, the blue waters, and the endless sandbar. Let your customers experience summer in your jewelry store by incorporating the beach in your product designs. Use seashells, starfish and other sea elements in your printed designs to create a beach inspired packaging for your summer collection.
Use natural materials
Natural materials such as linen have a unique and refreshing vibe in it that will surely appeal to your customers this summer. Aside from looking stylish, packaging made from natural materials is also more environment-friendly and considerably more affordable compared to other type of packaging.
Update your hangtags
Wholesale jewelry such as earrings and necklaces look more presentable when placed with a hangtag. But as a tribute to this lovely season, recreate your hangtags to be more summer ready. Add bold and colorful prints that will elevate the excitement of your jewelry pieces. Don’t forget to include in your hangtags the updated social media accounts or contact numbers for future reference.
Summer is a great season to boost your jewelry business, whether online or offline. Create a more exciting summer collection by showcasing your jewelry in summer infused packaging.