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Amethyst – Wholesale Jewelry Spotlight for February

Previously, we mentioned how popular wholesale amethyst jewelry is during Valentine’s Day. If you are wondering why this is so, it’s simply because amethyst is the birthstone for people who are born in the month of February. Amethyst may commonly be mistaken for purple, lavender, violet, or whatever name you call it, and it is not without reason.

Amethyst is actually the violet variant of quartz, which is basically the second most abundant mineral on Earth. With its etymology in Ancient Greek, the name loosely translates to “intoxication”. Wearing the stone during ancient times was quite common as it was believed to prevent its wearer from being intoxicated or drunk. Drinking vessels were even made from the mineral in hopes that it could prevent intoxication.

Despite being quite abundant in nature, amethyst can still be produced synthetically through gamma-ray, x-ray, or electron beam radiation of clear quartz. Without advanced gemnological testing, it is very difficult to differentiate a synthetic amethyst to an authentic one because artificial amethyst minerals are so similar to the real ones, even in terms of its physical and chemical properties.

When it comes to wholesale jewelry, amethyst is more than popular. Many wholesale jewelry store owners often dedicate an entire collection to wholesale amethyst jewelry because clients always look for it. Amethyst can embellish wholesale cocktail rings, add elegance to wholesale wedding rings, and it can add playfulness to wholesale earrings.

There are varieties of cuts that wholesale amethyst jewelry come in as well. Wholesale wedding rings are sometimes topped with marquise amethyst cubic zirconia stones while wholesale necklaces often feature a solitaire amethyst emerald cut that easily draws attention to a woman’s neckline. Wholesale promise rings, wholesale bracelets, and animal-inspired wholesale jewelry are just a few styles where amethyst stones or crystals can add its charm, beauty, and elegance. Who isn’t attracted to the color purple anyway, right?