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Awesome Men's Rings for Father's Day

Offer your customers a wide array of men's rings this June!

Ceri Jewelry Wholesale Fashion Jewelry for Men this Father's Day

This Father's Day season, stand out from other jewelry shops by showcasing rings that fit men of different personalities. Not all dads are the same but what they have in common is that they will do anything for their children and their family. So as Father's Day is fast approaching, allow your customers to give appreciation to their dads by giving them the best present. Offer them wholesale fashion jewelry such as rings that complement different types of fathers. And without further ado, here are some of our picks that will definitely be a hit among your clients!

For the Military Dad

Military Rings from Ceri Jewelry

We have just commemorated Memorial Day, and we cannot get any prouder of fathers who have served the country. One way to show appreciation is to give them something that they can show off and will let people know their achievements. We have Marines, Navy, Air Force, and Veterans. Get all these ring types as well as the different colors.

For the Minimalist Dad

Minimalist Stainless Steel Rings from Ceri Jewelry

Some dads prefer to accessorize minimally. The best rings to give them are those with plain bands and with small stones or with none at all. Unlike the rings sets for women that look good when layered, minimalist rings for men feature a slightly wider band with straightforward designs. These rings are great for everyday wear as they all provide a comfortable fit.

For the Dad Rocker

Skull Rings from Ceri Jewelry

No one is too old to love punk, rock, and metal music! For fathers who still play in a band or simply into these types of music, these skull rings are perfect for them to complete their edgy rocker look. These rings are available in different sizes, designs, and colors rockers will love. Some are also studded with top grade crystals in various colors.

For the Dad with a Sunny Disposition

Tiger Eye Rings from Ceri Jewelry

We know that one dad who is the joker of the family. He never fails to make you laugh, and sees every problem in a positive light. Tiger Eye rings are perfect for them as the brilliant yellow color of the stones reflects their bubbly personality.

For the Dad Who Loves the Beach

Turquoise Rings from Ceri Jewelry

For anyone who is a certified beach lover, turquoise jewelry is a must-have accessory. Some men love the Bohemian style as much as women do, and if your customers have stylish hippie dads, then they'd be glad to see that you offer trendy turquoise rings. Make sure that you have various designs of these rings, so they will enjoy picking out something for their fathers.

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