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Basic Repair Tips for Your Wholesale Jewelry

Setting up awholesale jewelry business often involves giving out certain freebies or privileges. If you want to have better feedback from your customers and acquire more clients via word-of-mouth, offer a few specials for your present clients. Aside from the usual free shipping, things like wholesale jewelry repairs go a long way with customers.

Wholesale jewelry repairs don’t cost much as they only require a minimum number of supplies. Additionally, wholesale jewelry repairs don’t take too long. So while you’re waiting for clients to storm into your shop to purchase valuablewholesale sterling silver bracelets or wholesale pearl necklaces, you can earn additional income by offering wholesale jewelry repairs.

Credit: retaildesignblog

In addition to a warranty, retail or wholesale jewelry business owners can offer free repairs on brooches, goldtone earrings orAustrian Crystal rings for a limited time from the date of purchase. The most common repairs are simple – loose clasps, stone replacement or broken hinges. All these are easy to do and will take a very small amount of time to accomplish.

The most important supplies for repairing jewelry are clasps, chains, and if possible, gemstones. You don’t have to have numerous quantities because if you manufacture your wholesale jewelry like bangles anddangle earrings with quality, you might not even need them. A basic tool for wholesale jewelry repair is a magnifying glass that stands on its own. It’s important that you are able to use both of your hands because handling jewelry is a delicate and fragile activity. Good lighting is also need to avoid eye strain.

From a wholesaler’s point of view, doing repairs onbeaded necklaces or wholesale pendants improves your craft as a jeweler. This gives you a different perspective and challenges you to create better jewelry items. Additionally, it’s a fun experience because it allows you to experiment and explore different designs for your wholesale jewlery business. Mixing and matching is the key to a successful jewelry business.

Having a jewelry repair option good for your business not only because it improves customer relations, but offering this expands your scope as a businessman. Customers will spread the good news and even non-customers can bring their jewelry items to you for repair. This only means increased sales and additional income for your wholesale jewelry business, doesn’t it?