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Best Man-gagement Rings For Summer 2020

Check out the newest designs of promise rings for men.

“Man-gagement rings” are what they call the promise rings for men. As with women’s engagement rings, these pieces are generally characterized by a single stone at the center. Surprisingly, these pieces are also in demand, so if you aren’t offering these rings in your shop yet, it’s time you do.

There are many reasons people buy these man-gagement rings -- some women prefer to propose to their boyfriends and men who finally decided to marry their partners. Man-gagement rings are gaining popularity, and they are worth adding to your inventory.

Today, we are featuring five “man-gagement rings” from our collection of wholesale fashion rings that you can get for your shop’s inventory.

CJ954 Wholesale Men's Stainless Steel High polished Synthetic Montana Ring

This stainless steel ring features a square center stone in a lovely Montana sapphire blue color. And to add a bit more sparkle to the piece, clear stones surround the centerpiece. This ring is perfect for those looking for a simple yet stunning man-gagement ring.

CJ960 Wholesale Men's Stainless Steel Top Grade Crystal Clear Cluster Cobblestone Ring

This next piece has a center design made up of a cluster of clear rhinestones in a hexagon shape. The band has a unique cobblestone style, making it one of our most unique ring designs. This piece is ideal for men looking for a somewhat non-traditional promise ring.

CJ288 Wholesale Men's Stainless Steel AAA Grade CZ Clear Square Ring

Minimalist in style, this CZ ring boasts a high-polished band and tiny triple-A grade cubic zirconia crystals that take the form of a diamond. This piece is perfect for those who prefer to wear rings with a thinner band.

CJ3292 Wholesale Men's Stainless Steel High polished Top Grade Crystal Black Diamond Ring

This next piece features elegant black accents that perfectly complement the smoky-colored top-grade crystal at the center. Its sophisticated minimalist style makes it easy to pair with any type of clothing and accessories.

CJ3281 Wholesale Men's Stainless Steel High polished Top Grade Crystal Clear Rigged Ring

Lastly, this piece boasts a unique, non-traditional ring style that will delight men who want to make a statement with their accessories. It features a rigged band with clear rhinestones and black epoxy that makes up its centerpiece.


If you need to see more man-gagement ring designs, check out our men’s ring collection at CeriJewelry.com!