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Best Styles for Your Next Zoom Meeting

  • by admin
  • 2 min read

Learn the easy ways to look your best in Zoom meetings and conferences.

Dressing up for a Zoom meeting is not as easy as dressing for work. You'll have to consider your top's color and the right accessories to wear that will register well on your webcam. If you have customers who are still working from home and having these problems, you can share with them these style tips below:

Wear a top with a neckline that shows your neck but is not too low.

A shirt that hides your neck will make you look like a floating head. So stay away from turtlenecks, collared shirts, and bow neck tops. On the other hand, a top that has a really low neckline that the top begins below the camera frame also isn't advisable, as well as shirts that show your cleavage. Not only will you distract people, but it is also unprofessional.

Wear a pair of drop earrings.

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Earrings accentuate your facial features and also bring the viewer's attention to your face. Any type of earrings may do, but drop earrings are the best type. Choose a pair with just the right length, ones that do not hang lower than your chin. Keep the styles simple as well, avoid flamboyant tassels for now and settle with minimalist pairs.

Wear a pendant necklace.

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A pendant necklace can level up your look without going overboard. So if you can't decide on what to wear or your best shirts are all in the laundry, accessorize a top with an eye-catching necklace. As with the earrings, avoid wearing ones with flamboyant designs. Settle with a simple stone pendant necklace or minimalist layered chains.

Pick a top with a fabric that isn't too shiny.

Webcams are sensitive that they can pick up the transparency of a sheer blouse or the shine of a satin top. So it's best to avoid shirts in these fabrics. Instead, go with polyester knits, crepe, or matte jersey. These fabrics are also generally resistant to wrinkles.

Wear bright colors and happy prints!

Unlike on TV, stripes and some patterns are not dizzying in a laptop cam or a webcam. Instead, they can brighten up your face and are a good contrast with a bare wall or background. Lovely prints and bright colors can also be mood boosters, especially when matched with fashion jewelry of the same color.


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