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Best Ways to Display Engagement Rings

Here are some display tips that will make your customers say "yes" to buying your rings this wedding season.

Best Ways to Display Engagement Rings

Whether you are a wholesale fashion rings seller or a retailer, you'd know that displaying your items can make or break your sales. That said, you should invest in a store display that can pique the interest of potential buyers and passers-by as well.

Increase the sales of your engagement rings this season with the help of some display tips. Who knows, all these might just work for your jewelry business!

Best Ways to Display Engagement Rings

1. Dedicate an area in your shop solely for engagement rings.

This tip is regardless of the size of your shop. If you have a large area, you can pick a corner when you can display all your engagement rings. On the other hand, if you have a smaller space, you can dedicate a table for these rings. The key is to isolate them from other rings or jewelry pieces to make them more noticeable. It is also much convenient for customers as they wouldn't have to ask where the rings are located.

2. Light your display up!

Always make sure that your display has the right lighting. Use lighting fixtures like ones that come with bright LEDs. This is because the brightness of the area will make them more noticeable. It is also important that you do not create shadows in your display. Make sure that the lights are installed at the right angles. No customer wants a dimly-lit display, especially ones that have shadows.

3. Use simple ring displays.

When it comes to choosing ring displays, pick ones that are monochrome or have simple designs. Allow the engagement rings to show off their beauty. Using heavily-patterned ring holders might clash with the rings' designs, and your display would look too busy to look at. Go for a minimalist theme, so it's easy on your and your customers' eyes.

4. Use one display for one ring.

Using one ring display for one engagement ring will allow you to highlight each piece in your inventory effectively. Cramming three or more in a multiple ring holder is not recommended because not only will it take your customer more time to pick, your display will look a bit clutter and lose its classy feel.

5. Add accents to your display.

Pick a theme for your engagement rings display. Then make the area look more appealing by decorating it with some decors like a romantic painting, a lovely table lamp, or a bouquet of fresh flowers. If you are going for a vintage or retro theme, you can place old books or miniature mannequins alongside the rings. On the other hand, if modern minimalist is more your style, go with geometric centerpieces like a vase or decor.