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Budget-Friendly Ring Display Ideas

Stand out from the competition without having to break the bank with a few creative ideas.


Want to revamp your ring display, but do not have the budget? The only way you can do it if funds do not allow is to resort to DIY displays. And believe it or not, most of these ideas are not time-consuming at all. Some do not require you to spend too!

For this article, we curated five different ring display ideas we found on the web that we believe are worth the try and effort. They are ideal for jewelry photography as well as for trade and craft shows. Check them out and see which ones you can try!


OliveandMaple | Etsy

Do you (or your grandma) have teacups that haven't been used for a long time? Been eyeing those lovely teacups in the thrift shop? Regardless of whether they are antique or new, teacups always make great ring displays. They add some fanciness to your overall display and are perfect for minimalist rings or those with vintage designs. If they come with coasters, you can use them for other jewelry pieces.

Mini muffin tins


If you have mini muffin tins that are collecting dust in the kitchen drawer, take them out now! By just covering them with a cloth or towel with a design of your choice, they can be converted to elegant ring holders. Go for a silky fabric for a sophisticated look, or soft hemp cloth for a Bohemian vibe. The holes are also the perfect size for all types of fashion rings, from cocktail to minimalist ones.

Egg trays


Just like the muffin tins, egg trays are perfect as ring holders as well. You would not need to cover them with any fabric, as they give that natural, earthy vibe perfect for handcrafted rings. However, you can choose to paint them with the color of your choice or add some designs to match the overall shop or booth theme.



Wooden clothespins give a homey vibe and are very practical as well. You wouldn't have to paint or design them unless you want to. Also, they are perfect for trade and craft shows because they keep the rings secure. You can also use these clothespins for your other jewelry pieces as well.


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