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Building a Good Reputation for Your Wholesale Jewelry Business

A lifetime reputation can be ruined in a matter of five seconds. A good reputation is not only priceless, it is irreplaceable. Over the years, your wholesale jewelry business will have built its own personality and reputation – evolving and establishing a name for itself.

For your jewelry business to have a good reputation, here are some tips:

• Set up a customer return policy that will show customer appreciation and satisfaction. 

The kind of guarantee and return policy you have reflects on the type of business you run. A 100% guaranteed satisfaction policy reassures your clients the confidence you have in your jewelry collection. Despite having some extra work on your part as a seller, it guarantees your customers that they can return your wholesale jewelry should they change their mind in the future.

• Incentives are not really required nor expected of a wholesale jewelry business. 

However, offering customer incentives encourages your clients to purchase jewelry items from you and have a repeat business with your company. Incentives increase awareness to your business, loyalty from your clients, usually resulting in more sales. Pamper your clients with giveaways and discounts by rewarding them for a purchase. Some wholesale jewelry suppliers offer free shipping for a minimum worth of wholesale jewelry orders while some sellers give as much as 20% off on final price orders when purchasing a certain amount of jewelry.

• Support and donate to programs and organizations that aim to help others. 

Corporate social responsibility is not just for big businesses, wholesale jewelry suppliers should also practice social responsibility. Volunteer for charity events, donate wholesale jewelry to certain causes such as the breast cancer research program, or spend time with the less fortunate. Not only is this fulfilling spiritually, but volunteering and donating also draws attention to your business. Financially, it results to tax breaks – a small bonus for the good you will do.

Business phrases such as, “Honesty is the best policy”, and “Customers are always right”, are overused but simple and easy to follow. By establishing a good rapport with your clients and constantly striving to interact with consumers, building a good reputation for your wholesale jewelry business will be a breeze.