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Cerijewelry Spotlight: Topaz Wholesale Rings

Aside from Halloween and Thanksgiving Day, there are a lot of other things to love about November. One of those is the gorgeous birthstone for the people who were born under this month. It’s comes in almost all the colors of the rainbow but the shiny, sparkling shade of yellow is one of the most popular of its kind.

Topaz ring is so popular to wholesale jewelry collectors and enthusiasts because of its variety and excellent clarity. If you want to wear a jewelry that has a stunning topaz gemstone on it, you can definitely do so as it is widely available in much more affordable price than other stones. It can also easily be found in cocktail rings, statement rings and most especially in engagement rings. With its quality and sparkles, you will surely love the classic beauty of Topaz rings on your fingers.

Here are some of the most stunning topaz rings in our collection.

Pave Topaz CZ Two Tone Ring

Pave Topaz CZ Two Tone Ring

The alternating layers of clear and topaz CZ stones in a sparkling pave setting nestle perfectly atop this gold plated band. With a dash of silver, this eye-catching CZ cocktail jewelry is a definite scene-stealer. If you have a special someone who will be celebrating her birthday this month, this wholesale fashion ring can definitely serve a gift. Impress her with the lovely combination of style and luxury with this gorgeous ring.

Wholesale Topaz CZ Oval Cut Solitaire Rose Gold Plated Ring

Topaz CZ Oval Cut Solitaire Rose Gold Plated Ring

The simplicity of rose gold band and the luxury of dark yellow Topaz stone come together in this fashionable jewelry. The center of the ring has a nice round cut brown AAA Grade Cubic Zirconia that rests nicely in between an intricately designed band. This is a versatile ring that can be worn everyday and even in different casual occasions. If you’re looking for a way to wear jewelry with your birthstone everyday, this fashion ring can be your best bet.

Sterling Silver Topaz CZ Cocktail Ring

Sterling Silver Topaz CZ Cocktail Ring

Rendered gorgeously in a sterling silver band encrusted with clear CZ stones, this ring will leave anyone enchanted with its grace and glamour. Truly bold, truly captivating, truly in style, this fashion ring deserves a spot in your jewelry collection. This dazzling piece of jewelry can be worn when attending a fall wedding, corporate evening event or an intimate dinner in a fancy restaurant. Dress to impress with this lovely ring.

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