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How to Choose What Items to Bring on Your Next Jewelry Trade Show

Joining trade shows can be expensive and time consuming, but if you’re just someone new in Jewelry business, this is definitely a gamble that's worth taking. From deciding what trade shows to join in thinking how to display your items, to mingling with your customers, trade shows will definitely consume a big chunk of your time and effort. But whether it’s going to be a success or just a big waste of money is all about how prepared you are even before the actual event takes place.
What To Bring On Your Next Jewelry Trade Show
One of the most important things you should think about when joining trade shows are the inventory that you’re going to bring. Though you might be tempted to bring all your jewelry in a craft event or trade shows it’s still a best practice to just bring few of your best pieces and use it to attract more buyers to come to your physical store or visit your online wholesale jewelry shop.
Here are three types of jewelry you need to bring on your show.

Your Best Sellers

This group of jewelry is already tried and tested so you won’t have to worry if people will love and appreciate it. Your best sellers are usually the basic ones or a collection of necklaces or bracelets that becomes your brand’s trademark. Regular trade show goers also ask for a store’s best seller to have a glimpse of their quality and style. Look at your jewelry collection and see which of them is the most salable items and bring them to the show. Also pick up the items which received the best reviews and mention them to your customers when they drop by your booth.

Your New Arrivals

Do you have a new set of jewelry from your suppliers? Why not bring some of it on your next event! One of the major advantages of joining trade shows is that you can instantly ask your visitors about their thoughts on your new collection. So when there are new items in your inventory, you can quickly see if it’s a high fashion trend or just a fad that will quickly pass by.

Something Unique

Putting something new on the table never fails to pick up the interest of trade show visitors. If you are selling mostly casual jewelry, why not add something fancy or something luxurious to catch the eye of the people in the event. This kind of jewelry is a good conversation starter and can also attract even those who are not really into jewelry.