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Cleaning Intricate Stainless Steel Jewelry

Fashion jewelry with intricate design is a great addition to any outfit. Whether you’re dressing up for a casual date or formal dinner, this kind of wholesale jewelry can surely enhance your dress and make you feel more confident wherever you go.
However, necklaces, earrings and fashion rings that have complex details are more difficult to care for compared to your other fashion jewelry. Unlike other accessories, intricate jewelry is more sensitive to dirt and can get easily damaged without proper handling.
Cleaning Stainless Steel Jewelry
Handmade jewelry or luxury jewelry pieces are often made with carvings, etchings, or wirework that can get easily soiled when taken for granted. A small deposit of grease or natural oil from your sweat can affect the sparkle of your jewelry. Without proper care, these lovely pieces of jewelry can slowly look tattered and may even get tarnished.

Here are some things that you should always remember about your jewelry.

  •  Intricate jewelry should be removed from your body when engaging in heavy physical activities like gardening or housework.
  • When doing sports or other outdoor activity, it’s also necessary to take off your jewelry to keep it from getting soiled and dirty.
  •  Avoid dropping or banging your jewelry against hard surface as it can affect the quality of the wirework or cause crack or scratches in metal jewelry.

Cleaning your intricate stainless steel jewelry

1. Use mild soap and soft brush – if you can see a deposit of dirt around your ring or necklace, get rid of it by using mild liquid soap on warm water and soft brush. Brush lightly and gently to avoid damaging the small details of your jewelry.
2. After using your jewelry, do a quick wipe down on your jewelry with a polishing cloth that often comes with your jewelry purchase. Wipe gently while avoiding the gemstones or small beads to get rid of moisture or dust after wearing.
3. Bring your jewelry to a professional
At least once a year, it’s important to have your jewelry professionally cleaned to bring back its sparkle. Bring your wholesale fashion jewelry to your nearby jewelry store and try to observe how they are done so you know if its properly done.
4. Invest in high quality jewelry storage to keep your jewelry from scratches and tarnishing.
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