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Creating a Wholesale Jewelry Catalog for Your Business

Women love jewelry and women love photos. When starting up your retail or wholesale jewelry business, it’s important to have a portfolio or wholesale jewelry catalog that your customers can browse through to pick which wholesale jewelry items they like the best. Generally, you need to decide between one of two options when making your wholesale jewelry catalog: an online catalog or a print catalog.
Online wholesale jewelry catalogs are the cheapest way to advertise your wholesale jewelry – but it’s not the only way. Though it may be a less expensive option, it may not be the best for your business. A print catalog, on the other hand, is a more direct approach as it involves mailing specific clients and customers to make sure that they are informed of the latest collections of wholesale jewelry you offer.
Creating a catalog for your retail or wholesale jewelry business is easy. It may cost a couple hundred dollars but the money and effort spent is well worth it. Wholesale jewelry catalogs are just like photo albums – except with a little more detailed information. The first step in doing a wholesale jewelry catalog is, of course, taking photos. Set up your wholesale cubic zirconia jewelry on a velvet setting, preferably in black. A black background prevents lighting from being bounced, which is something that usually happens with white backgrounds. Additionally, this focuses attention on the wholesale jewelry you are trying to sell.
If you plan to do the catalog yourself, there is software available that can bring out the beauty in your wholesale jewelry catalog. Pick one you think you can learn the fastest and start designing the layout yourself. When planning the layout, place similar wholesale jewelry together. Wholesale pearls, wholesale bracelets, and wholesale necklaces should be placed in different categories so as not to confuse your readers.
Printed catalogs cost more than online wholesale jewelry catalogs because the pages need to be made of glossy paper for a more professional feel. Additionally, hundreds, or often even thousands of copies need be printed and distributed to potential clients. If you’re not sure of your creative skills, professional help is always available, though it may cost more. Starting up your own retail or wholesale jewelry business will be expensive at first, but investing in the right materials and supplies will get you bigger sales and more clients in no time. Patience is key, but don’t forget that creativity sells too.