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Creative Ways to Display Rings at Trade Shows

Attract more customers with unique, eye-catching displays in your next trade show gig.

Source: Hometalk.com

Trade and craft shows are perfect events where you can showcase your brand and products. This is why how you display your items should be creative and unique enough to help you stand out from the crowd. 

Ring displays are available in the market, and they look quite aesthetically pleasing too. But if you want to cut through the noise, you should aim for something different. Showcase your wholesale fashion rings using DIY displays instead of ready-made ones.

Today, we are sharing with you some ideas that will definitely catch trade show attendees’ eyes.

Egg tray ring display

Source: Smallrooms.Tumblr.com

Carton egg trays make great earthy ring displays for handcrafted pieces. They give off natural and rustic vibes, especially if you use them as they are. However, you can also customize them according to the theme of your display by painting. Carton egg trays are ideal for displaying all types of fashion rings.

Re-purposed matchbox ring display

Source: Design-Milk.com

Matchboxes make cute, eye-catching ring displays that also double as jewelry packaging. All you have to do is cover them with gift wrap or any colored paper of your choice. This DIY display also is a convenient choice because the rings stay protected inside the boxes and you wouldn’t have to worry about scratches during transport. Because of the box’s size, this DIY display idea is ideal for minimalist fashion rings.

Chocolate box ring display

Source: Smallrooms.Tumblr.com

Just like egg trays, chocolate boxes make great displays for multiple rings. These trays generally retain their chocolatey smell too, which is a plus point for customers who have sweet tooth! This display is perfect for rings that have brown metal platings or have brown-colored stones that remind of little chocolates.

Old book ring display

Source: HomeTalk.com

If you are selling vintage rings or pieces with large center stones, the old book display is your best bet. Old books have that smell that reminds of old romantic movies and old-world charm. All you need is an old book and glue gun to secure the pages. Choose old books with pages that have turned yellow. The older, the better!

Cork ring display

Source: Thatjoliegirl.Blogs.com

Recycled corks are also perfect for rings with a vintage style, as well as for colorful cocktail rings. The corks that are glued together act as the ring slots. All you need is a box that will act as the frame for the corks. Glue the corks in the box and make sure to leave some space for the rings.


Which DIY ring display idea is your favorite? We love the repurposed matchboxes!