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Designing a Wholesale Jewelry Website

Setting up a wholesale jewelry business is a risky and time-consuming project. Should you decide to start an online wholesale jewelry business, there are a few simple tips you can follow for an easy and inexpensive way to design your wholesale jewelry e-commerce store.

1. Know what elements should be present in your website by looking around and surveying existing wholesale jewelry stores. There are a lot of noticeable similarities and differences each wholesale jewelry store offers and it’s up to you, the business owner, to decide which website designs are needed for your online store.

2. Decide on what theme or style is best suited for the overall design of your wholesale jewelry website. This aspect depends largely on the wholesale jewelry products you offer. For example, websites selling affordable wholesale fashion jewelry ultimately have a different feel from those that sell authentic diamond and gold jewelry. You can choose to go for trendy, classic, young, casual, or elegant styles. The total look of the website includes picking the right colors, graphics, and fonts to convey a consistent marketing image.
3. If you are new to web design and prefer to do the site yourself, consider using templates for easier and less time-consuming web building. There are free templates you can use or you can buy a template. Templates though, are ultimately cheaper than hiring a professional web designer. In addition, templates make your job easier by providing easier access for customization and changing it to the elements that you prefer.
4. High quality photos are a must especially for the e-commerce industry. High resolution photos more than make up for the inability of e-commerce sites to offer the customers a chance to feel, touch, and try out the wholesale jewelry before actual purchase. Take photos of wholesale jewelry items from different perspectives and distances. Don’t forget to offer the option of zoom in and out for viewers to see wholesale jewelry pieces closely.

5. Simplicity is beauty. Avoid overloading your website with unnecessary Java or Flash applications, because this may irritate visitors and cause them to leave your website without even checking out your wholesale jewelry collections. Give customers the best shopping experience by making sure that order forms can be easily filled out, shipping and payment policies are clearly stated, and promotions are regularly given to encourage repeat business.

There are a multitude of tips on setting up a wholesale jewelry website, but these are the basics you definitely cannot miss. CERIJewelry.com is a wholesaler of affordable fashion jewelry, offering business partners the best deals in wholesale jewelry.