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Discount Pricing Wholesale Jewelry

Wholesale fashion jewelry are sold in bulk orders. Though wholesale businesses are mostly targeted to businesses who can resell jewelry pieces at very competitive prices, individuals are also very welcome to purchase a bulk number of jewelry. Customers, however, always want to feel valued and special. It is important to make them feel as if they’re getting a good deal when buying wholesale jewelry.

With volume discount pricing, wholesalers can earn more while at the same time bring in repeat customers. For example, wholesale synthetic gemstones priced at $12.00 per piece can actually go lower as customers buy more. These can go for $10.00 each for 2, $8.00 for 3, and so forth. If you notice a customer purchasing only 2 or 3 pieces or pairs, mention that they can always but another piece or two to get lower prices on the wholesale jewelry pieces. One will be surprised at how customers spend $24.00 for three pieces for wholesale gemstones.

Another business strategy is selecting a group of similar wholesale jewelry pieces such as wholesale necklaces and wholesale bracelets priced under $20, $40, or whatever amount you like. With this, customers will find it easy to shop for wholesale jewelry because the pieces with volume discount pricing are a perfect match.

Announcing a sale like a holiday sale allows consumers to shop early for big discounts. Instead of joining the holiday rush, customers can take care of their holiday shopping as early as today with the special wholesale jewelry bargain. Including a free gift such as a pouch or bag will probably give you more sales than you can keep up with.

With these in mind, other helpful tips are still available for volume discount pricing wholesale earrings, wholesale pendants, and even wholesale brooches. Don’t forget to calculate volume discounts to make srue that you’re still earning despite lower prices on wholesale jewelry items. Market your offers by posting signs on conspicuous places to inform passersby and potential customers. Should you find that a customer is only interested in one piece, notify them of special savings on selected wholesale jewelry pieces. The wholesale business is designed to make you earn money. With volume discount pricing, you can gain more sales faster than you thought it possible.