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Examining the Quality of Wholesale Pearl Jewelry

Wholesale pearl jewelry is elegant and sophisticated. From wholesale pearl earrings to wholesale pearl necklaces, from wholesale pearl bracelets to wholesale pearl rings, pearls has a soft translucent glow that exudes beauty and glamour to anyone who wears it. For the wholesale jewelry supplier, determining the quality of your wholesale pearl jewelry is essential for the success of your business. Here’s what you need to know:

• Pearls stand out from other gems because their quality can often be examined under the naked eye. When examining the quality of pearls, remember to put it against a non-glossy background (preferably light grey or white) to be able to see the imperfections easier.


• Also check the lighting you’re viewing the wholesale pearl jewelry from. Natural daylight or cool-white fluorescent light is best preferred to see the pearl’s luster. Under direct sunlight, wholesale pearl earrings may appear more radiant than usual while under heavy clouds, but under the sunlight it may appear duller.

• Hold the wholesale pearl jewelry such as wholesale pearl necklaces at a right angle against your body. Comparing differences in luster and color are easier to spot when held at this point.


Pearls are examined under six factors: 

1) luster and orient
 2) nacre
3) thickness and quality
4) color
5) surface perfection
6.) shape and size.

 High quality pearls have very thick nacre – the secretion that gives pearls its natural luster, while low quality wholesale pearl bracelets will appear chalky or milky to the naked eye.

• Roll the pearl from side to side to check how light reflects from it. Uniform reflection means high quality pearls. The iridescent orient determines the longevity of the pearl as indicated by the thickness and quality of the nacre.


• Colors determine the price of pearls as some colors are rarer than others. A pearl’s body color or basic color and overtones, which are the secondary tint, are used to evaluate the color of pearls. Pink is rare while white cultured pearls are more common. Natural black pearls usually have green or pink overtones, green overtones are more uncommon than pink ones.

• When a wholesale pearl necklace has surface perfection, it means that there are no cracks, spots, blisters, dark spots, or indentations on the surface. The fewer imperfections, the higher the quality. Flawless pearls are hard to find though.


• A pearl’s size is measured in carats and diameter while shapes are spherical, symmetrical, and baroque. Round pearls are rare, placing its value higher than irregular or teardrop shaped pearls. Additionally, large pearls are more expensive because they are harder to find.

When purchasing wholesale pearl jewelry such as wholesale pearl earrings, wholesale pearl bracelets, wholesale pearl rings, and wholesale pearl necklaces, check for the quality of the pearls used. This reflects the expertise as a wholesale jewelry supplier and commands more authority than others.