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Factors That Influence People to Buy Jewelry

Here are the reasons that motivate people to purchase fashion jewelry, as well as business tips to boost your sales.

Jewelry for sale

As a business, it's important to understand your customers and their buying behavior. All your marketing strategies should be customized with your target audience in mind.

We all have necessities; we buy things because we need them. But what about the wants? Wholesale fashion jewelry is one; as a fashion ring or necklace isn't something a person needs to survive. So why do people buy jewelry?

Today, we will discuss the factors that motivate people to buy jewelry and provide some tips to help increase sales.

Identity and personal expression

People have the desire to express their personal identities by wearing something that they believe represents them as a person. If one identifies herself as a chic rebel, she'd probably buy jewelry with skulls and flowers designs to match her tattoos. On the other hand, if she considers herself a classy chic, she'll go for pearl jewelry.

Business tip: Create jewelry sets that will match different personalities.

Wanting something new

Naturally, we have the desire to own something new because it makes us feel good. It could also be a reward for a job well done at work. A woman stressed out after a grueling week at work may shop for a new pair of earrings and can instantly make her feel better.

Business tip: Market brightly-colored jewelry as pieces that can instantly make one feel better or vintage pieces that will make people feel a particular emotion.


FOMO or the fear of missing out urges people to buy jewelry even if they really do not need it at the moment. If a woman has friends and all of them are into wearing tassel earrings, she will most likely, buy a pair for herself.

Business tip: Create a separate page on your e-commerce that is dedicated solely to the in-trend designs.


People tend to be curious as to what a particular jewelry piece looks like on them, especially if they have seen on a celebrity they like. That said, they will purchase the item even if they do not really need it at that moment. This is where impulse buying comes in.

Business tip: Offer pieces that are inspired by jewelry worn by celebrities.

Wanting to belong to a group

Certain pieces like matching rings, friendship bracelets, and military rings make people feel more connected to other people. These pieces help the wearer feel they belong to a group of people who love the same style or have the same outlook on life.

Business tip: Create friendship jewelry sets to pique the interests of groups of friends.