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Fashion Rings for Fall 2019

Get ready for fall; here are a few statement fashion rings that you can offer your customers this pumpkin season.

Woman sitting on leaves in Fall

Summer is about the end, and we are nearing the coziest time of the year -- fall! If you want to continually boost your sales, make sure to offer rings that are fit for the current season. That is why for today, we picked five statement pieces from our wholesale fashion rings collection that carry the colors of the season.

We won't keep you waiting; below are five fall-worthy fashion rings your customers might be looking for in the coming months.

CJE3195 Stainless Steel IP Gold Semi-Precious Amethyst Crystal Ring

Women's Stainless Steel IP Gold Semi-Precious Amethyst Crystal Ring from CeriJewelry

Purple, along with red, yellow, orange, and brown is a lovely warm autumn color, making an amethyst ring perfect for the season. This gold-plated stainless steel piece boasts a semi-precious amethyst crystal center stone your customers will love. Smaller round multi-colored crystals accents add more brilliance to this statement piece.

CJE1849 Gold Crystal Leaf Cuff Ring

Next up is a more casual piece. This stainless steel cuff ring features a yellow and brown leaf design the reminds of the fallen leaves this season. It is studded with brown, yellow, and white top-grade crystals that further accentuates the nature-inspired design.

Stainless Steel IP Coffee Orange Synthetic Stone Ring

Stainless Steel IP Coffee Orange Synthetic Stone Ring from CeriJewelry

Orange and brown screams fall, and so does this cocktail ring. It features a brown-plated stainless steel band and a large faceted oblong-cut pumpkin orange center stone. Clear round top-grade crystals surround it, giving the piece just enough brilliance.

CJE2556 Stainless Steel Synthetic Glass Ring

Stainless Steel Synthetic Glass Ring from CeriJewelry

This eye-catching piece features a light black-plated stainless steel wide band and synthetic glass center stones that resemble a rose. The center stone is a red square stone with two green triangular stones. This piece is ideal for wearing on the thumb or the index finger as a bold piece and complemented by delicate rings of the same metal plating.

CJE1790LC Wholesale Ruby Light Coffee Cocktail Ring

Ruby Light Coffee Cocktail Ring from CeriJewelry

Last, but not least, is this stunning cocktail CZ ring. It features almost all the color of fall leaves in the form of dazzling triple-A grade cubic zirconia crystals. The stainless steel band is light coffee-plated which complements the colors of the stones. This ring is perfect for accessorizing any outfit this fall, any time of the day.