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5 Simple Tips for Your Jewelry Business

Attract more potential buyers and increase revenue with these simple tips.

Friendly Tips for Your Jewelry Business by Ceri Jewelry

In the jewelry industry, competition is tough. You have to stand out from the crowd and aim to be remembered. With that said, you have to be creative with your marketing strategies. This week, we'll be discussing some tips to help your jewelry business boom.

Create Social Media Accounts.

Friendly Tips for Your Jewelry Business

In this digital age where almost everyone owns a smartphone, it is a must for businesses to create social media accounts. You must have a Facebook business page to make it easier for people to find you online. The social media accounts fitting for businesses in the jewelry industry are Pinterest and Instagram. Why? It's because they both are image-based which is perfect for product showcasing. And it doesn't stop there. You have to regularly update these accounts and answer every customer's query. Don't forget to create a consistent theme and persona to entice customers to your products.

Make Personal Connections.

Friendly Tips for Your Jewelry Business

Personal connections should apply both to online and retail stores. Doing so will allow you to learn what your customer wants and needs. You should make them feel that they're special. These strategies will make customers remember you. Establishing rapport with them will also increase the chances of them being repeat customers.

Create Promotions.

Friendly Tips for Your Jewelry Business

One effective way to get new customers is by creating promotions. There are two ways to do this, post online and to display posters in retail shops. A simple giveaway would do wonders; it could increase your followers and increase your sales too. A buy-two-get-one promo could also allow you to sell off old jewelry stocks. Seasonal promos can also help increase revenue, especially if the jewelry pieces are perfect for that particular season too.

Be Real.

Friendly Tips for Your Jewelry Business

This is for the online jewelry businesses. Instead of posting wholesale fashion jewelry pieces in a simple solid-colored background, post actual photos of them worn by models. Doing so will allow potential buyers to see how the piece would look like in real life. This will also increase customer trust, as they would be assured that the product you are selling is an actual piece.

Create a Blog.

Friendly Tips for Your Jewelry Business

As with social media accounts, creating a blog also allows you to communicate your customers. Offer tips on how to accessorize a certain dress or tips on how to care for your jewelry. Don't forget to share your blog posts across your social media accounts as well for maximum exposure.