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Five Tips in Purchasing Wholesale Pearl Jewelry

When purchasing wholesale jewelry such as pearls, there are certain things to consider. Though they come at a cheaper price than cultured or natural pearls, wholesale pearl jewelry is still a beauty that wholesale jewelry store owners need to invest in as they are best-sellers for customers who love elegant and classic wholesale jewelry pieces. Here are the five criteria you should look for when buying wholesale pearl jewelry.


1. Color. 

      When you buywholesale pearl jewelry, don’t forget to check the surface and underlying colors of the pearls. Creamier colors are better choices for white pearls while those with a soft rose undertone will cost you more since they are rarer and more valuable than their pearly white counterparts. 

    2. Shape. 

      The shape of pearls that embellish wholesale jewelry pieces come in three different types: spherical, symmetrical, and baroque. Symmetrical pearls like button, oval, and drop-shaped specimens are cheaper than spherical ones but are more valuable than baroque pearls, which are irregular in shape and rarely come in uniform shapes. Spherical shapes, on the other hand, are judged by their roundness and they are often seen in wholesale pearl necklaces.


3.      Size. 

Naturally, the larger size, the more expensive the pearl will be. The unit of measurement used to evaluate a pearl’s size is millimeter. 

4.      Orient and luster. 

How light reflects and bounces off the pearl is also a criterion that you should consider when buying wholesale pearl jewelry. The iridescence and intensity of the light adds to the value of the pearl.

5.      Cleanliness. 

When purchasing wholesale pearl jewelry, always make sure that the surfaces of the pearl are clean and flawless. No blemishes should be seen on the surface because they may decrease the value of the pearl. 

Pearls are gorgeous to look and women love wholesale pearl jewelry because they bring an air of elegance and sophistication. Invest in the right pieces of wholesale fashion jewelry for your collection and watch your sales shoot up in no time.