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Forever and a Day: How to Keep Your Engagement Ring Clean and Sparkling For a Long Time

Long-lasting relationships are built on trust. As Thanksgiving approaches, we have lovely surprises for all of you. Today, we’re sharing with you great tips on how to keep your engagement rings and wedding bands sparkling through the years. But before that, we are happy to announce the launch of our rose gold wholesale fashion jewelry line. It carries a wide selection of romantic engagement rings that will surely complement any bride-to-be. 

Ring Care Tip # 1 Make cleaning a habit


Keeping your diamond jewelry sparkling is no rocket science. The easiest way to get rid of dirt is to soak them in warm water that’s mixed with liquid soap for about 30 minutes. Another liquid soak for rings can be made by blending in 50 parts of ammonia with 50 parts cools water. Brushing your diamonds is not necessary. All you have to do is softly wipe your piece with a cloth after rinsing it with the same material.

Many jewelers provides free cleaning services for rings and other jewelry pieces for a certain period oftime as part of their package. When shopping for a ring, make sure to inquire about cleaning services whether it can be done for free or service fee is charged

Ring Care Tip # 2 Keep it safe


Many couples prefer to wear theirbands on a daily basis to enjoy its flattering feel. Also, keeping them on your finger helps make sure that your precious piece of jewelry has not gone missing. But know that you can’t keep them on 24 hours a day 7 days a week unlike fashion jewelry pieces. It is best to remove the ring when you get in contact with harsh chemicals while cleaning, gardening and swimming to avoid loose and damage of the materials used.  

For those moments, here are 3 simple steps to keep your rings safe and sound when they leave your finger:


  1. Wipe it off. This is the easiest way to preserve the beauty of the ring and to ensure that diamond pieces and precious stones remain in place. Once you’ve removed the ring, perform a dry cleaning by polishing it with a cloth to remove oils, liquid or dust that it might have caught while wearing it.
  2. Place it in a hard case. Remember that little red box your beau flicked open when he asked you to marry him? That’s the hard case we’re talking about. Placing your ring in this case is not just for sentimental purposes. Ring boxes were specifically made to protect the rings from dust and the environment.
  3. Hide it away. You got that right. It’s not enough that your ring is protected from damages because at the end of the day your little red box may be taken from you. Keep your sealed ring in a locked drawer or a safe for utmost security.

And for the ULTIMATE JEWELRY PROTECTION tip, you can always purchase an insurance policy for your investment. Engagement rings and wedding bands are supposed to last through your lifetime together. If they’ll be able to outlast forever then that’s even better since they could be passed on as an heirloom to your children. Your family and the symbol of your love will always be two of your biggest investments in life.

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