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Go Wild With Flora and Fauna Fashion Rings

Wildlife-inspired fashion is always a hit for fall. Typically featuring warmer colors, from cheetah to leopard to zebra, animal prints are a staple in any discerning fashionista’s closet come autumn. And while statement pieces like coats and boots may only appeal to the bold and the brave, there are ways to tastefully incorporate the flora and fauna trend to most women’s daily outfits.

Adding accessories is the sure-fire way to ease into most emerging fashion trends. If your customers can’t commit to a leopard print purse or a furry cheetah-inspired coat just yet, adding wildlife-inspired jewelry to their look may be the best and easiest answer. Whether you aspire to take the high fashion route or aim for model-off-duty chic, here is a selection of wholesale fashion rings that will add an extra oomph to your customers’ fall looks:

CJE3171 Wholesale Women's Stainless Steel IP Light Black White Epoxy Zebra Ring_CeriJewelry

Break the monotony of a black and white ensemble with this chunky stainless steel band featuring a classic but always interesting zebra style print.

CJE3205 Wholesale Women's Stainless Steel IP Light Black Sapphire Top Grade Crystal Scorpion Ring_CeriJewelry

November is also the Scorpio season. Channel an air of inner fierceness and mystery with this black plated stainless steel scorpion ring, finished with an accent of sapphires.

CJ400 Wholesale Stainless Steel Owl Ring with Aquamarine Center Stone_CeriJewelry

Add a “wooo”-worthy piece to your collection with this stainless steel owl ring featuring aquamarine center stones

CJG1267 Wholesale Pave Crystal Sparrow Bird Stainless Steel Ring_CeriJewelry

Stay in theme with the warmer colors of fall while also incorporating animal-inspired jewelry to your repertoire with this stainless steel ring decorated with a pave crystal sparrow.

CJG2101 Wholesale Women's Stainless Steel Top Grade Crystal Minimal Snake Ring_CeriJewelry

Animal-inspired and elegant? It is possible! This stainless steel minimalist ring featuring a crystal-studded snake combines the exotic element of wildlife and the elegance of top-grade crystals in one signature piece.