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How to Build Lasting Customer Relationship

Big businesses all over the world spend great portions of their resources – time, money, and people - in building lasting relationships with their customers. More than anyone else, they understand that there is really one boss in the world of business and that is no other than the customers.

image from wikimedia.org

If you are a small business owner, a jewelry retailer, a fashion boutique owner, or an online seller, you can also do well in business as soon as you realize this truth. Building a lasting customer relationship is the key in your business and if you can offer customer service better than your competitors, you are surely one step ahead of the game.

Here are some areas in your business you should work on to make sure that your customers get the best service they deserve.


Customers value a company that listen to what they need and work on providing them the things that will make their money and time worthwhile. As a jewelry retailer, do you fully understand your customer’s needs? Are you able to communicate to them that your company is determined to give them nothing but the best? Express this through your staff, packaging, pricing and discounts, signage programs, and store layout.

As much as you are able to communicate your messages to your customers, it is also important that they are able to voice out their concerns, express gratitude, ask for special favors occasionally, or give your business a truthful review without being intimidated. Keep your communication lines open, get feedback from customers, value special requests and get back to any unanswered queries as soon as you can.

Quality Products

A fancy store exterior can attract customers, a comfortable store layout can give them a great shopping experience, but only a quality product can get them come back for more. Quality products paired with excellent customer service can even make them recommend your store to other people in the community. Always check for defects or missing parts before delivering your items. Make sure that all fashion jewelry on display is good to go and that you have enough available stocks of that item.

Fair Price

You don’t need to sell it cheap. You just need to make your customers realize that they are paying for the right thing and that your offer is the best that they can find given the service you are ready to give them. Check on the competitiveness of your pricing, how well your customers receive it, how other competitor play with it and adjust your prices when necessary. Always get your stocks from reliable wholesale jewelry supplier so you can get the best deals and offer your customers the best price.

There are a lot of things that you can do for your customers, small and big things that can change the way your customers see you. If you know how to keep them, they will be your best asset and your success will follow through.