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How to Effectively Boost Holiday Online Jewelry Sales in 2020

Here are some marketing strategies that can make this year your best year for jewelry sales.

couple holiday shopping online

Some businesses may think that jewelry sales will not be as high as they were last year or the previous years because of the pandemic. This may be partly true, but we believe that jewelry, although not an essential item, still has some steady customers despite the health crisis. Some people still turn to reward themselves with something fancy after a week of hard work or simply need something to lift their spirits up. Jewelry pieces are just one of these things.

If you are worried about not getting enough sales this 2020, you need to whip up some marketing strategy that will effectively capture your target market’s attention. 

Here are some tips to make 2020 a very successful holiday sales year for your retail or wholesale fashion jewelry business:

Create jewelry gift guides.

Holiday shoppers may not go to stores this year and will most likely shop online. Make the online shopping experience easy for your customers and provide gift suggestions by creating special web pages containing gift guides.

Gift guides make it a lot easier for customers to pick a piece of jewelry, leading them faster to the checkout process. Make sure to create different guides based on gender, personality, age, and others.

Once you’re done with landing pages for these guides, email your customers and promote them on all your social media accounts. 

Connect with your customers on an emotional level.

The Christmas holidays are when people are reminded of happy childhood memories when Santa Claus and holiday magic were real. That is why Coca Cola's Christmas truck marketing was a success.

As for your jewelry business, design your marketing campaign that will make customers feel nostalgic. Good examples are using old-style fonts, black and white or sepia-toned photos, and mentioning traditional Christmas song lyrics.

Utilize video marketing.

Video marketing is currently one of the best marketing strategies today because consumers prefer visual content over text. You can also use videos as a way to showcase your jewelry brand's personality.

Aside from creating videos that can tug at the heartstrings, you can also produce funny ones that will uplift your customers' spirits and urge them to check out your products.

Focus on customer loyalty.

Your goal may be to attract new customers, but you should not forget to appreciate the loyal ones. For them to be loyal customers as long as your business operates, give them exclusive rewards.

One good example is giving them exclusive discounts for every nth number of purchases. A rewards card is another. And of course, you can also give them special freebies as appreciation for their continued loyalty.

Offer free shipping on some items.

As for your new customers, you can offer free shipping for their first order on your website. Alternatively, you can provide free shipping if they purchase particular items on your website.

Make sure to promote it on your social media pages, mention it in your marketing emails, and make this announcement visible on your website via a banner.