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How to Effectively Engage with Customers During a Pandemic

It pays to do a little bit more to engage your customers, especially during a health crisis. Turn them into loyal customers and make them fall in love with your jewelry engaging with them. Read on to learn how.

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Jewelry businesses tend to forget to create a connection with customers and focus solely on sales. This is especially true now because we are currently facing a health crisis that largely affected sales. But even if conversions are low, businesses must still continue to engage with customers. Remember that customers are what makes a business strive.

Whether you are a retail or a wholesale fashion jewelry business, make connecting with your customers a priority. Here are some tips that might help your business:

Be an inspiration to your customers.

smiling woman wearing glasses holding a cup of coffee and a laptop

One effective way to connect is to inspire them and bring about some good vibes. The pandemic has definitely stressed out a lot of people, and positive vibes can help uplift their spirits.

Create short videos and share your brand’s vision and goals to connect with them emotionally. One thing to avoid is selling your products directly because it may turn them off and not encourage them to check out your products.

Always answer your customers’ inquiries.

laptop screen showing order feedback page

Always, and we mean, always respond to comments, direct messages, and reviews, whether it be negative or not. If you receive bad feedback, don’t flip out. Instead, reply nicely and provide solutions. Be open-minded, transparent, friendly, and helpful. Talk to them and let them feel that you genuinely care.

It’s also important to always thank them after every message. That way, you acknowledge their feedback and ideas. Doing so will make customers love your brand even more. 

Excite them with social media contests.

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Social media promotions appeal well to potential and repeat customers. Aside from engaging them, you also get to maximize your exposure online and grow your fan base. That is why it’s best to ask them to tag their friends on the promotional post and create a special hashtag to spread the word faster.

These contests have a massive impact on your brand, especially if you plan to give out a trendy jewelry piece! 

Send your customers exclusive email offers.

For jewelry businesses, email marketing is one perfect strategy to showcase new jewelry pieces to them and other exclusive content. Your subject line must be interesting enough for your customers to read the message and not delete them. 

Your exclusive content can be discounts for new or upcoming products that are only offered to loyal customers, flash sales, and limited edition jewelry pieces. Always include a CTA at the end for them to check out your website!

Host an online event.

Go virtual and host events to create a more personal connection with your target audience. Hold a Zoom webinar with a fashion influencer or a jewelry expert. Discuss the latest fashion trends and tips on how to take care of their jewelry. Have a Q&A part and answer questions as much as you can.

Promote your upcoming online event on all your social media accounts to make sure you get a lot of attendees! You can also host a small contest at the end of the webinar to keep them hooked on your event.