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How to Engage Jewelry Customers on Facebook

  • by admin
  • 2 min read

Need to increase engagement on your Facebook page? Here are some tips that can help keep customers engaged and increase your jewelry sales.

Because of the pandemic, more people are now shopping online. For online jewelry businesses, this means more competition, as other shops have shifted online too. You can find hundreds of retail and wholesale fashion jewelry stores online, and most of them usually offer the same designs. With that said, you have to take a step further to break through the noise.

Engaging your followers is an excellent way to convert them into customers and not look elsewhere. Here are some tips to help you boost engagement on your page:

Post when your followers are online.

Check the analytics of your Facebook change to see the best times to post. Although various reports have found that Wednesday, 11 AM is the best time of the day to post, your data is still more reliable.

Post videos.

Videos, according to Buffer, perform best on the platform in terms of engagement and reach. BuzzSumo also found that videos now gain twice as much as the engagement of other post types on average. 

To make your videos more engaging, follow these tips:

  • Post not just on your feed but also on your Stories.
  • Post videos in a square or portrait format as they appear bigger in mobile devices.
  • Add captions. Most people view videos without audio.

Ask questions.

One easy way to engage is to ask questions, more specifically, opinions. Asking your followers allows them a chance to share their thoughts. You can share a blog post on fashion or jewelry and ask what they think about it. You can then discuss and exchange ideas on the comments.

Boost your best-performing posts.

Boost your top posts if you have a budget for Facebook ads. Your best-performing ads are already proven to be engaging, and boosting them will engage more users who aren't your followers yet. You can try running a boosted post for one day, and if the results are good, you can run the ad for more days.

Run occasional contests.

Contests and giveaways generally get the most engagement. Why? People love getting stuff for free! However, you should keep in mind to run them once in a while because it can be annoying to your followers. Also, spending way too much money on regular contests may not just be worth the risk.