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How To Make Jewelry Customers Feel Important

Here are five tips for physical jewelry stores to provide excellent customer service to their loyal customers.

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If your brick-and-mortar jewelry business already has a steady customer base, maintaining genuine relationships is vital to make sure your customers keep buying from your store and recommend you to their friends and family. One of the quickest ways to achieve this is to provide exceptional customer service.

Customer service is a significant part of sales and marketing in any industry. In fact, a Statista survey done recently in the U.S. found that 86 percent of the respondents said it was important or very important that they could contact a real person and not a bot when communicating with a business. Only a mere four percent think it was not important or not at all important. 

With that in mind, it makes perfect sense that the satisfaction of your customers should always be a top priority. So aside from investing only in quality, trendy wholesale fashion jewelry, here are five ways to make your loyal customers feel important:

    1. Show genuine appreciation.
    2. Provide continuous customer satisfaction.
    3. Respond to queries immediately.
    4. Listen to what customers want.
    5. Remember your loyal customers.


#1 Show genuine appreciation.

Thanking someone will make them feel validated and special, and this is true even in businesses. Once the shoppers are done paying for their items, make sure to thank them sincerely and heartfeltly. A simple thank you will do, but go the extra mile and say it with a genuine smile. And if they are loyal customers and come by the store regularly, your staff members probably know them by face and name. If this is the case, mention their names when thanking them. It will make your appreciation feel more sincere and genuine.

#2 Provide continuous customer satisfaction.

Customer service does not end whenever a customer leaves the store. It goes on for as long as you are operating your jewelry business. There are many ways to do this – from seasonal discounts to an exclusive rewards program for loyal customers. Giving away freebies for a certain amount of orders is another, and this is an ideal promotion to encourage customers to buy more jewelry pieces. 

#3 Respond to queries immediately.

Training your staff members to be knowledgeable about your products is essential, as well as urging them to be friendly when talking with customers. If a shopper asks questions about a particular product, your staff must be able to assist them immediately. They must be able to confidently answer questions and help shoppers with any issues they may have. When it comes to unhappy shoppers, train your employees to keep their cool. Maintain composure and try to solve the problem as much as they can.

#4 Listen to what customers want.

Aside from assisting and answering questions, you and your staff should be open to suggestions. A good business listens and tries as much as it can to understand its customers’ needs and wants. Even when the comments or suggestions are on the negative side, you should be able to respond. Again, train yourself and your employees to keep your cool. Apologize for how they feel and let them know you’ll do a compromise or work on fixing the issue. Potential shoppers will applaud you for keeping calm in this type of situation, earning their trust.

#5 Remember your loyal customers.

As mentioned above, it’s important to remember the names of your regular customers so you can thank them more sincerely. Tell stories and share experiences -- relevant, of course. Recognizing people and having quick conversations strengthen your connection between your brand and your clientele, increasing the chances of them telling their friends and family about their happy experiences in your store.

The takeaway

Whether you manage a new jewelry store or one that has been operating for years, the act of kindness to customers will get you far. Making them feel valued even after their purchase will encourage them to return and eventually become loyal fans of your jewelry products.

No shopper wants a rude jewelry business that only cares about selling. Be one that can quickly connect with customers and foster lasting relationships to stand out from competitors.


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