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How to Sell Black-Plated Jewelry

  • by admin
  • 2 min read

Increase the sales of darker-colored pieces with these marketing tips.

Black-plated fashion ring with a clear CZ center stone worn on the ring finger

Black may not be the color of choice of some of your customers, which may be because of superstition or simply because they prefer the traditional silver or gold. If the black-plated jewelry pieces from your wholesale fashion jewelry collection have become your slow-moving items, don't fret. Here are a few marketing tips on how to effectively sell these black-plated pieces.

IP Black-Plated fashion ring, necklace, and earrings from CeriJewelry

Bundle them up with other jewelry.

One way to get them out of your inventory is to create exclusive jewelry sets in which you include them with other pieces. Create a special bundle of wholesale fashion rings of different metal platings, or a set of necklaces that they can wear depending on their current mood.

Sell them at discounted prices.

If you are willing, you can sell these pieces at much lower costs. You can also build excitement and anticipation by creating flash sales, wherein the discounted prices are only available in limited times. To make sure this strategy goes well, don't forget to announce these exclusive sales on all your social media accounts.

Market them as Halloween fashion pieces.

Since Hallow's Eve is a few weeks away, these black-plated pieces make great spooky accessories. You can market them as such, and can also give discounts to further pique the interests of your customers.

Display them creatively.

If you have a physical store, you can opt to showcase this dark-colored jewelry in creative displays. You can go DIY or base your display in a particular theme. Some of these themes you can use are Halloween Goth, rustic Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Rocker Chic fashion.

Collaborate with an influencer.

If you post regularly on Instagram, you can also collaborate with style influencers. Send them black-plated jewelry pieces of their choice and ask them to wear these pieces and post it on their feed. This strategy is ideal if you want to maximize exposure and to increase the number of your IG followers.