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How to Showcase Fashion Jewelry in Fall-Inspired Displays

Spice up your jewelry display windows this pumpkin season with a few decorating tips.

store window with fall decors hanging from the ceiling
White and bronze artificial flower decorations add an autumn vibe to any store display.

Do you feel that chill in the air? It’s officially the season of fall, and the surroundings have started to change into beautiful colors. Pumpkin spice drinks, hot or cold, are available again, and grocery stores are filled with candy corns and chocolates. As for the fashion and jewelry industry, pieces in warm autumn colors are now more preferred than brightly colored ones. 

To keep your customers in the spirit of fall, make sure to update your window display. The display is the consumers’ first introduction to your jewelry business, so it has to be regularly updated and in-season. The best way to do this is to showcase those retail or wholesale fashion jewelry pieces in fall-inspired displays that will encourage passersby to walk inside your store.

If you need help with jewelry displays, this article will help you. Here are four display hacks three create a beautiful season of autumn in your jewelry display:

  1. Follow the fall color palette.
  2. Use warm lighting.
  3. Add natural elements.
  4. Incorporate Halloween and Thanksgiving elements.

#1 Follow the fall color palette.

beautiful fall colors of maple leaves
The fall color palette includes purple, green, brown, red, orange, and yellow.

Get new jewelry displays in brown, orange, red, yellow, and purple colors. Wooden displays, especially those that aren't of aged wood, are also excellent choices as they give a rustic vibe. 

With that in mind, fashion jewelry in chocolate plating or those that have crystal accents in fall colors are perfect for the window display. Amethyst, garnet, citrine, emerald, and topaz are just some of the ideal gemstone accents. They look incredibly gorgeous on the wooden jewelry displays too.

#2 Use warm lighting.

steampunk lighting fixture with warm white bulbs
Warm white light bulbs give off natural light perfect for your fall display.

LED bulbs in warm brightness are perfect for adding fall vibes to your display. Darker backdrops work pretty well, too, as well as fairy lights in both warm white and cool white brightness. 

One thing to avoid is using fluorescent bulbs. They can get too white, making it harder for you to achieve a fall ambiance. In addition, they are not as energy-saving as the LED bulbs.

#3 Add natural elements.

red and black indian corns in a basket
Ornamental Indian corns in a wooden basket are fall-worthy decors, along with pumpkins of different sizes and colors. 

You can incorporate nature into your jewelry displays by putting autumn maple leaves, real or fake. Dried wheat bouquets and pinecones work well too. Instead of store-both jewelry displays, you can use natural driftwood hang jewelry pieces like bracelets and necklaces. As for smaller pieces like rings, you can arrange them in burlap fabric on top of a table instead of using traditional ring trays.

DIY decor such as mason jars filled with autumn leaves or acorns is also perfect for adding elements of nature to your display. Small pumpkins in various colors or black and red corns in baskets also make fantastic decorations for your display.

#4 Incorporate Halloween and Thanksgiving elements.

black roses and small pumpkins on a white surface
The combination of black and orange screams of Halloween!

Lastly, make sure to add Thanksgiving and Halloween decorations as well. Classy Halloween decors for jewelry display include small black lanterns, black bows, branch wreaths, and candy corns. Adding black to your fall palette is one subtle way to incorporate Halloween.

On the other hand, elegant Thanksgiving decors include pumpkins, cranberry-filled mason jars, and bouquets of fall flowers like Chrysanthemums, Pansies, Asters, and Black-Eyed Susans. Purple fountain grass in vases looks very elegant too.