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How to Style a Floral Dress

Accessorize like a flower princess with these fashion jewelry pieces.

One day to go until Valentine's Day and a month to go before the season of blossom. Flowers will soon be popping up everywhere -- in your garden, in the park, and in your wardrobe! However, it may be a struggle for some women to accessorize a floral dress, especially if it has many colors. Fret not, as this week we have prepared four simple tips on how to style beautiful floral dresses for Hearts Day and for spring!

Gemstone jewelry with the same color family

[caption id="attachment_2040" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Wholesale Gemstone Jewelry from Ceri Jewelry Dress photo source: Forever 21[/caption]

One of the easiest ways to accessorize a floral dress is to follow the same color family. Take for example the blue floral dress above. Both the Sapphire Rhodium Swarovski Round Dot Pendant Necklace and Black Plated Belt Top Grade Crystal Ring perfectly matches it. Since the dress also has orange flowers, you can also choose to wear pieces adorned with garnet stones or orange tourmaline. Pieces with black crystals like onyx, hematite, and black tourmaline also look perfect with this dress.

Rose gold jewelry

[caption id="attachment_2041" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Wholesale Rose Gold Jewelry from Ceri Jewelry Dress photo source: Forever 21[/caption]

Rose gold has been a favorite among so many women. With the advent of metallic pink smartphones, the popularity of rose gold jewelry pieces has risen as well. And why not, these pieces look so amazing with basically any wardrobe piece! Wear the Brilliant Round CZ 14K Rose Gold Plated Sterling Silver Drop Earrings with your floral dress, and adorn your digits with lovely statement rings. The Light Rose Precious Stone Rose Gold Plated Cocktail Ring and Rose Gold Modern Dome Ring are just among the many elegant rose gold pieces you can wear. If you're not a fan of statement rings, go for minimalist rose gold bands with minimal designs.

Yellow gold jewelry

[caption id="attachment_2042" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Wholesale Gold Jewelry from Ceri Jewelry Dress photo source: Forever 21[/caption]

As with rose gold, yellow gold definitely never goes out of style. Gold is just fitting for spring; it is metallic yellow and yellow is the color of cheery sunshine. It works well with almost all floral dresses. For V-neck dresses, wear a drop pendant necklace like the 18K Gold Swarovski Elements Drop Pendant Necklace. Adorn your wrist with an equally brilliant bracelet like the 14k Gold Plated Square Cut CZ Adjustable Bracelet, and don't forget to wear a fashion-forward geometric ring like the Geometric Abstract IP Gold Plated Ring. You sure will get second looks with this style.

Hoop or drop earrings

[caption id="attachment_2043" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Wholesale Hoop Earrings and Drop Earrings from Ceri Jewelry Dress photo source: Dustjacketattic.blogspot.com[/caption]

Hoop and drop earrings are statement pieces, immediately drawing attention to the wearer's face. A pair greatly accentuates your face's features and makes you look even more feminine. If you're feeling flirty, fun, and feminine, wear large hoop or drop earrings! Another great thing about these types of ear ornaments is that there are a lot of styles, sizes, and colors to choose from. Do make sure, however, that the colors match the color family of your floral dress. The Gold Tone With Crystals Clip-On Earrings, Olive CZ Flower Cluster Drop Earrings, and Swarovski Elements Crystal 3/4" Half Hoop Earrings are just some of the pairs that look perfect with spring dresses.


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