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How to Style Floral Dresses this Fall

Florals aren't just for spring, they're great all-year-round!

Smiling woman on the rooftop wearing a red floral dress and holding a glass of wine

Floral dresses are one of the wardrobe staples of any fashionable woman. Not only do they exude such feminine vibes, but they also come in many styles and are very comfortable to wear.

Although florals are associated with spring, this design is perfect at any time of the year. And since fall is coming in fast, we created a guide on how you can style floral dresses this pumpkin spice season.

Match with floral pieces.

Rose Gold Stainless Steel Flower Ring from CeriJewelry
Rose Gold Stainless Steel Flower Ring

Of course, the first tip is to look for jewelry with the same design! There are many wholesale fashion rings and other pieces that carry floral styles perfect for this season. You can wear a whole set, or focus on one type of jewelry like a set of stackable rings with flower accents.

Match with the same gemstone color.

Garnet IP Black Cocktail Ring Band from CeriJewelry
Garnet IP Black Cocktail Ring Band

This is pretty easy to achieve. If you plan to wear an orange floral dress to match your favorite pumpkin spice drink, go with pieces adorned with carnelian, amber, or sunstones. These crystals have a lovely orange hue that is perfect for complementing your dress.

Go with rose gold.

Rose Gold CZ Pave Necklace from CeriJewelry
Rose Gold CZ Pave Necklace

If you want to achieve an uber-feminine look, accessorize with dazzling rose gold jewelry. This pink metallic color screams feminine, and pieces with this color effortlessly match and floral dress of any color. You can also go with rose gold jewelry adorned with pink and clear crystals for added sparkle.

Complement with a simple pair of stud earrings.

Stainless Steel IP Rose Gold AAA Grade CZ Rose Earrings from CeriJewelry
Stainless Steel IP Rose Gold AAA Grade CZ Rose Earrings

Since most floral dresses have eye-catching patterns, it's best to go subtle with other accessories. That said, a pair of stud earrings would do. Avoid wearing statement pairs like tassels and chandeliers, as they can clash with your dress' design. If studs are too simple for you, you can opt to wear a pair of small hoop earrings or small drop earrings.