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How to Style Your Ugly Christmas Sweater

Here are some style tips to win your office’s or family reunion’s ugly sweater contest this year.

The ugly Christmas sweater contest is a fun way to over-accessorize this time of year. And even though you may be attending virtual parties this time, it is no excuse to not participate in this once-a-year event. We usually style to look presentable, so how do we style to make ourselves look uglier?

Today, we are sharing some style tips that you can also share with your customers; here are ways to add some flair to your ugly sweater look:

Wear Christmas-themed jewelry.

There’s a fashion rule not to overdo a particular style. Now is your chance to break that rule! Match your ugly sweater with Christmas-inspired jewelry pieces. You can go with Christmas trees, reindeer, and even a yule-log designed piece. With that said, do not forget to offer your customer holiday jewelry like the snowflake ring in the photo above from our wholesale fashion jewelry collection.

Accessorize with battery-operated LED fairy lights

Get lit with fairy lights! To avoid electric hazards, go with battery-operated LED bulbs. These will definitely add a little extra flair to your look by trimming the string to your sweater or wearing them like a necklace. Go the extra mile by getting ones that have blinking, multi-colored bulbs.

Wear Christmas ornaments.

Check the tree for wearable ornaments. These decors can add more ugliness to your look, especially if they do not match your sweater's pattern or color. Hang gold and silver baubles from your sweater or wear the star as an oversized pendant. Smaller ornaments can be converted into earrings too.

Don a Christmas garland.

Christmas garland is a cheap way to accessorize your Christmas sweater. Spruce up your look with red or green garland by wearing it as a scarf or hot gluing them on the sweater itself. You can go the extra mile by making a garland headband, necklace, and bracelets. 

Top off your ugly sweater look with a hat.

Finally, finish off your look with an equally ugly Christmas hat. Don’t just settle with a classic Santa hat; you can add flair to it by adding patterns or gluing garland and other Christmas ornaments we mentioned earlier. If you don’t have a Santa hat, convert a simple knitted one into an ugly hat by designing them with holiday patterns. Let your imagination go wild!