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How to Use TikTok for Your Jewelry Business

Learn how to use TikTok for promoting your jewelry business.

two women checking out TikTok on a smartphone
TikTok is an excellent platform for jewelry businesses.

You might have been living under a rock for the past several years if you have not heard of TikTok. This iOs and Android media app is used for creating and sharing short videos. As of January 2021, this video-sharing platform has 689 million monthly active users all around the world, making TikTok the seventh-largest social media platform when it comes to the number of users.

As a jewelry business, utilizing social media platforms have been very effective in reaching out to target audiences. The most popular platforms used by brands today are Facebook and Instagram. But did you know that you can use TikTok to promote your business too?

How does TikTok work?

TikTok allows its users to create fun and engaging short videos of themselves dancing, lip-syncing, or using interactive filters. Users can also use sound bites on their videos.

TikTok videos usually last 15 seconds long, but users also have the option to upload 30-second and one-minute videos.  

Unlike Facebook and Instagram videos, TikTok videos generally need to be watched with sound. Otherwise, they cannot be enjoyed or even understood. TikTok users go to this platform to be entertained both visually and auditorily.

So how can you use TikTok for promoting your jewelry business?

You can treat it like Facebook and Instagram -- you need to regularly post content that is useful for your target customers. However, you will be focused on creating engaging short videos. 

To stand out from your competitors, here are some tips on using TikTok for your jewelry business:

  1. Create videos on a variety of topics.
  2. Use hashtags
  3. Run TikTok ads.
  4. Ask users to participate.
  5. Be consistent.
woman taking a TikTok video of her friend
TikTok videos do not have to be all dancing and lip-syncing to attract the attention of your target audience.

#1 Create videos on a variety of topics.

TikTok videos are not all dance and lip-sync as there are many topics or content types that you can use for your videos. Some great examples include:

  • User-generated content. This is probably the most effective way to encourage people to try your products as customers consider genuine feedback from real customers very reliable and trustworthy.
  • Unboxing videos. Did your latest bulk older from your wholesale fashion jewelry supplier arrive? Allow your followers to take a sneak peek at the new designs you are about to offer in your store -- unboxing style.
  • How-tos. Just like in blog posts, how-tos are very informative types of content that your target audience will enjoy. Teach them how to style minimalist silver rings or how to clean a specific piece of jewelry.
  • Q&A. You can encourage your followers to ask you questions and create a video answering them. Not only do you acknowledge your customers, but you also allow them to know more about your brand, fostering relationships with them.
  • Product features. Highlight your new arrivals or discounted products. Wear them, take creative shots, or even ask random people what they think about the styles.

#2 Use hashtags in your captions.

Like Instagram, hashtags work well in TikTok. These tags allow for easy search of content and help your content reach the right audience. Hashtags also increase the visibility of your videos by making it easy for users to look for a specific type of content.

Be sure that you are adding hashtags the right way. Some make mistakes by adding a space after #, using punctuations, and adding irrelevant keywords. One tip is to capitalize the first letter of each word to make it easier to read. For example, use #SilverRings instead of #silverrings -- see the difference?

#3 Run TikTok ads.

Did you know that TikTok ranked number one globally for ad equity in 2020, and 92% of users worldwide have taken action after watching a video on the platform? TikTok apparently is an excellent and effective platform for promoting your jewelry business today.

TikTok has different ad options that you can use, and these include:

  • TopView. It is a video-first format that presents your brand on the best and unmissable placement on the app.
  • In-Feed Ads. Your ads are integrated into the users' "For You" feed.
  • Branded Hashtag Challenge. This is an engagement format that taps into user passion for creation and expression.
  • Branded Effects. This allows you to custom-made sharable filters, stickers, and special effects and incentivizes high-quality organic content.

#4 Ask users to participate.

TikTok relies on the interaction of users and engagement, unlike Facebook and Instagram. This is why user-generated content defines your TikTok marketing campaign’s success.

So when posting content on the platform, post videos that encourage users to actually participate. Some examples are to ask questions, challenge them, or ask them to share unboxing videos of the jewelry purchases. You can use the Duets and Reactions feature, which allows you to post “reply videos” and split-screen videos. 

#5 Be consistent.

Last but not least is to be consistent in your content posting. A writer from The Shadow did a one-month experiment on TikTok in which she posted one video per week and increased it by one per week. She found that the more videos she posted, the more followers she got. Each post would bring some followers, so naturally, if you post four videos a day, you will get more followers compared to posting just once a day.

With that said, create a content calendar and commit to your posting schedule. You can start by posting two a day and increase once you gain traction with your posts. Being consistent with your posting will definitely build more followers and grow follower engagement. 

The takeaway

The key to successfully promoting your jewelry business on TikTok is to post creative, engaging, and helpful content. You do not have to dance or lip-sync because there are a variety of ways to create videos on the platform.

Aside from entertaining users with your videos, running ads on the platform will also help increase brand awareness. 

Know your audience, highlight your best products, and stay creative. Good luck marketing your jewelry business on TikTok!