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How to Wear Cocktail Rings this Season

Here's a short guide on how to wear these lovely statement pieces.

How to Wear Cocktail Rings this Season | CeriJewelry.com

Spring and summer are the two seasons when we think fashion is at its peak. You can go crazy with your outfits, wear bold, bright colors, and accessorize with statement pieces. One of these bold pieces is yummy cocktail rings -- rings with large crystals that are totally eye-catching and very fitting for the season.

So if you're planning to level up your look this spring and summer with these rings, then you're in luck. Read on to learn how to rock cocktail rings like a queen.

Know your skin tone.

First up, you should determine what your skin tone is. As we have mentioned in one of our posts before, women with cool skin tones have veins that look blue or purple. On the other hand, ladies with warm skin tones have veins that look yellow or green. Cool skin tones complement cocktail rings made of silver, platinum, stainless steel, or white gold. Whereas warm skin tones complement pieces made of yellow gold and brass. As for the crystals, blue, purple, and clear are perfect for cool skin tones, while red, yellow, green, and orange, are ideal for warm skin tones.

Consider your finger type.

Not all rings look great in every finger. That is why you should determine what your finger type is. If you have long, slender fingers, basically any kind of cocktail ring looks perfect on you. As for short fingers, thin to medium-sized bands with marquise, pear, oval-shaped center stones are ideal. Some ladies may have wide fingers. If this is the case, go with rings with wide bands and round-cut stones, or minimalist layered rings adorned with crystals. Lastly, if you have slim digits, go with rings with smaller center stones, as big ones tend to make your fingers thinner.

Avoid going overboard.

Less is always more, and that is true with wearing statement fashion pieces. Most wholesale fashion rings are already very eye-catching, and wearing three or more of them tends to be an eyesore for most people. Your goal is to enhance your look, not overdo it, so be careful when putting on too many bold pieces.

Complement with other pieces.

If you really want to wear a lot of rings on your digits, then one option is to go with one cocktail ring and two or more minimalist ones. Balance the look; wear the bold piece in your middle finger while minimalist midi or regular rings can be worn on your index and ring fingers. Create texture and be careful not to make the pieces clash. On the same note, you can also complement your cocktail ring with thin bracelets or a slim silver or gold watch.

Match with your outfit.

As with matching with your skin tone, you can also match your rings with your current outfit. The pieces should complement your style and not clash with it. If you plan to wear a simple shirt and jeans, you can go ahead and wear rings with crystals of multiple colors. On the other hand, if you plan to go with an outfit with wild patterns, choose cocktail rings with simple designs, or those with clear or black stones.