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Jewelry Spotlight: Impressive Stoneless Engagement Rings

It may look completely untraditional but this ring is never short of looking pretty on your fingers. If you’re the kind of bride-to-be who wants every detail of her wedding to be as unique as possible, opting for a stoneless engagement ring can be a great idea. Unlike the traditional wholesale ring that features a gemstone on the middle of the ring, this kind of ring look extraordinarily simple that it is beginning to be popular among modern day brides.

When you visit different online wholesale jewelry stores, you will find a lot of engagement ring that can fit your personality. If you’re the kind of lady who’s not really used to wearing bauble on her finger, going for a stoneless ring will certainly make things a lot easier. This interesting jewelry also comes in lovely designs that you will never miss a stone in your ring ever again. Ready to shop for you dream engagement ring?

Here are some of favorite stoneless engagement rings.

1. Spring Stainless Steel Women’s Fashion Ring






Looking neat and edgy, this stainless ring’s design is inspired by a shape of a spring with the ends folding in. Imagine having this low key ring on your finger and feeling engaged like many other brides-to-be without the extravagance of diamond rings. It is especially great if you don’t want to be the talk of the town but still wants to wear something that can remind you of your love story.

2. Dual Heart High Polished Stainless Steel Ring


Say yes to a lovely dual heart engagement ring. It looks wonderfully romantic and chic and fashionable. If you want to save big chunk of your wedding budget, getting this lovely ring will allow you to have an engagement ring without breaking your budget.

3. Wavy Stoneless Stainless Steel Women’s Ring





This lovely ring will still look picture perfect even if it doesn’t have an expensive stone embedded on it. It’s elegant on its own and lovely to wear everyday. The curves and design exudes femininity and radiates elegance without even trying. For the ladies who don’t mind going stoneless, this is definitely a great choice.

Have you found your perfect stoneless engagement ring? Don’t forget to share to us your experience when you go shopping for a lovely wholesale engagement ring at the Cerijewelry.